Editorial philosophy

We are insight-driven not news-driven. We track the news as one signal about something interesting, but it is only one signal. We do not chase the news or copy/paste Press Releases with a new headline. We want to get to know you outside the pressure of the news cycle when a background briefing may lead to an insight which leads to a post that mentions your company.

We aim to deliver insights from data that is in the public domain. We are not in the scoops business and always respect confidentiality. We aim to find the overlooked but interesting knowledge in the public domain and explain why it is important. So you can safely brief us off the record.

We are in the translation business. We translate Tech for Fin and Fin for Tech. We want Tech people to learn about the nuances and complexities of how financial services work today and for Fin people to learn about the nuances and complexities of new technology.

We are global in our mindset and in our experience. Our 6 Authors currently work in 5 different countries and have worked in Asia, America and Europe in the past. Our subscribers come from 130 countries with the geographical breakdown that pretty much tracks GDP.

We can do all of this because of our awesome Authors (see here for a list). We have assembled a constellation of stars. Each is an expert in their domain with lots of work experience to draw upon. They use journalistic techniques and work within an editorial framework, but they are market practitioners not journalists. Like the best journalists, our Authors are “learn it alls, not know it alls” who are constantly on the hunt for new knowledge and insight and fishing for the truth in an ocean of competing promotional views. Unlike journalists, our Authors have “walked a mile in your shoes”. They can add value because they bring the perspective of their work as entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and consultants.

Attention is the new gold – but it is hard to define

What is more valuable:

A. 10 people who influence how $ billions are spent?


B. 100 people with no money or influence?

The currency of the web says B is 10x more valuable than A. Our subscribers know that is crazy and we all know that A is more valuable.

Everything we do is designed to protect your time, because that is the one thing we cannot manufacture more of. That respect for your attention drives how we write and what we write about. It also explains why we don’t employ any of the normal tricks to grab your attention – all of them are as annoying as somebody at a party using a megaphone to talk to you.

See here for how we define and categorise Fintech.