News Forecasting

Our mantra at Daily Fintech is “before it is news, you read about it on Daily Fintech”.

In ye olden days we had Newspapers. Now we have  Newsaggregators. News is now a commodity, with Press Releases issued on blog platforms, aggregated and displayed by bots to look like a newspaper.

At Daily Fintech, we do not report the news. We are NOT NewsReporters. We are attempting something harder which is to forecast the news. We want to be NewsForecasters. Because we occasionally get that right,  Fintech leaders read us every day. If you are investing in the Fintech market (whether investing your time or your cash), figuring out what is likely to happen is very valuable.

One example of News Forecasting is what we wrote about Facebook 4 years before the news of Facebook’s  cryptocurrency coin was all over the news channels. 

The reason we can sometimes do News Forecasting is a mix of knowledge and process:

  • Knowledge. Innovation today is happening at the intersection of technology, media, society/politics and finance. We know all four.
  • Process. We assess two things. Direction of travel + speed of travel. The first is easier than the second. Taking the Facebook example, direction is what we figured out 4 years ago – that Facebook would issue a Coin to enable cross border instant payments to monetise WhatsApp. Figuring out timing is where we tap our  entrepreneurial  experience and ask “when would I launch”.The answer is when a) we are ready with product b) when the market is ready.

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