For PR

Please note press releases don’t usually do much for us because we are insight driven not news driven.

We want to get to know you outside the pressure of the news cycle when a background briefing may lead to an insight which leads to a post that mentions your company.

We are not in the scoops business and always respect confidentiality. We aim to find the overlooked but interesting knowledge in the public domain and explain why it is important. So you can safely brief us off the record.

Here are the best ways to connect:

  • Find the Expert that is most appropriate for your space and connect to them on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • @ one of our Experts or @ DailyFintech in a Tweet.

Please note: we almost never accept guest post submissions on Daily Fintech – our insights are created by a select group of Experts who write on a regular basis. We created Daily Fintech Community as an open platform where any registered user can post.   The content is community curated. So please look at what posts get traction and be a good community citizen by also commenting on relevant posts written by others (which will increase the credibility and visibility of your posts).