Conversations that make things happen

We conceived Daily Fintech in June 214 as a peer to peer knowledge platform and on our second anniversary in June 216 we launched the Fintech Genome as the next step in realization of that vision.

The digitization and democratization of financial services is a complex subject that matters to all of us and so we need a place where we can all have high quality conversations that lead to useful connections and make things happen.

That is our mission  at Daily Fintech – to enable conversations that make things happen

Daily Fintech is a highly curated site. It is our front page. We work hard to keep a good signal to noise ratio by constraining the amount of content we deliver. That constraint prompted us to open up the platform via the Fintech Genome. This is open for subscribers to post. We require registration and encourage a basic profile because we don’t believe that anonymity leads to good conversations.

You can post a short opinion, or research, or a data snippet that fills in a list, or a news release about your business or a job inquiry or offer or…well just about anything that helps you move your business forward.

Fintech Genome is an open platform that has a thematic structure to its conversations. Your peers in the Fintech community rate the quality of each contribution, so that the “the good stuff floats on top”.

The people who write the Daily Fintech posts also act as moderators. Our aim is to improve the signal to noise ratio by helping you to post information that the community will find valuable, so that conversations lead to connections that benefit your business.

You can make connections in two ways – public and private. In public mode, you @ the person on the Genome who you want to bring into the conversation. You can also bring into the conversation others by using the share button to invite them in, or via email or social media. In the private mode, you can send a message to anybody on the Genome and invite them to “take the conversation offline”.

Once a conversation takes off or highlights an interesting trend or insight, we write a curated post on Daily Fintech to describe what we learned in that conversations. So indirectly, great conversations also lead to media coverage.

For now, Fintech Genome is free. Check it out.



14 thoughts on “Conversations that make things happen

    • We only really rarely accept guest posts when it fits a specific area of research. If you want to link to some samples of your writing that is a good start.


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