Fintech Genome

Our mission is to offer insights that spark conversations that make things happen.

We launched Daily Fintech in June 2014 as a conversational platform, using insight-driven posts to spark great conversations. On our second anniversary in June 2016, observing the broken state of blog comments and the limitations of social media for professional peer to peer knowledge exchange, we launched the Fintech Genome for conversations in the digital realm.

We believe that digital and face to face conversations need to be integrated, to get the best from each. Digital conversations are great because they are global and in person events, while constrained by time and place, have a greater richness of communication (human beings like to be together). So we expect Fintech Genome to be used to continue conversations that are constrained by time and place at in person events. You know those events where a great conversation is happening and the organiser says “time is up, stop now” and somebody says “how can we carry on this great conversation?”. Now you can continue those conversations on the Fintech Genome.

We believe that conversations need to be peer to peer in both realms. We shun the format where a passive audience absorbs information from experts on stage. Peer to peer conversational events are more like Round Tables (like the knights at King Arthur’s round table) where all the attendees are peers at the top of their game.

The digitization and democratization of financial services is a complex subject that matters to all of us. We need a place where we can have high quality conversations that lead to useful insights and connections (aka “what you know and who you know”). We understand that there are lots of places to have these conversations. You can comment on blog posts and you can go to many mass market social media venues. We know you have choice. If you see great conversations happening here, you will return.

So our job is to encourage those great conversations.

Most of us understand instinctively how to have good face to face conversations; we learn from an early age how to read body language for greater conversational richness. In the digital realm we need more help. Conversations on the Fintech Genome are rated by your peers; so “the good stuff floats on top”. Look and see what conversations get traction and emulate them. Reach out to the community for help, this is a community that likes to engage and to help.

For now, Fintech Genome is free and open to all. Check it out.