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We are the people who created the leading source of insights and trends in Fintech – Daily Fintech– which is read daily by Fintech thought leaders working for Financial Institutions, Fintech Startups & ScaleUps and Investors.

Daily Fintech is a unique research platform. First, our writers are seasoned entrepreneurs and senior executives who are also good at writing; so senior and influential people in the market enjoy engaging with them. Second, we created a P2P knowledge exchange platform – Fintech Genome – where Fintech leaders learn from each other and make connections. Finally, we are global in location, experience and audience, so we can assess where the puck is headed in all regions of the world.

We offer Content Services for Marketing and Strategy Workshops, details below:

Content Services for Marketing

 You need great content to engage your market. Every day, Daily Fintech figures out “where the puck is headed”, so that our subscribers can assess their own strategic response to the threats and opportunities created by Fintech. We are insight-driven rather than news-driven.

We deliver content services to our clients, via Keynotes, White Papers and Workshops:

  • Keynote talks can be used for your marketing events. We can also create and moderate a panel of experts. These talks can be physical or recorded and delivered online.
  • White Papers can be integrated into your marketing materials.
  • Marketing Workshops can be ideal for your outreach to your customer/ prospects and channel partners.

Strategy Workshops

  • Ideation Workshop.  This is a moderated brainstorming workshop that is used to advance early stage digital initiatives and discuss strategic response to disruptive threats and opportunities and align stakeholders.
  • Value Proposition and Messaging Workshop.  In this Workshop, we provide an expert outside review of your Value Proposition and Messaging and offer  suggestions for improvement.

Daily Fintech Advisers partners are:

Bernard Lunn is a serial entrepreneur who has done startups, scale ups and turnarounds in America, Asia and Europe (and now lives in Switzerland).  Bernard Lunn combines big picture thinking with pragmatic business execution. Bernard is a thought leader and strategic deal closer focussed at the intersection of business development and PR that companies need to navigate disruptive change. He has closed strategic cross border deals (the deals that define a business), turned around underperforming regions and rejuvenated sales teams.  Bernard’s Fintech thought leadership is recognized by he people who turn up to hear his keynote talks and read his posts and his book (Mindshare to Marketshare).

Efi Pylarinou brings bold Wall Street experience (Salomon Brothers, Bankers Trust, SGCowen) in a broad range of asset classes (fixed income, structured products, hedge funds). She has lived and worked in the US, France, Greece, Canada, and Switzerland in investment companies, a university, an online education provider, and an executive consulting firm. She brings a strong academic background combined with a focus on breakthrough results. Efi is the author of Fixed income books with Frank Fabozzi. She is a WealthTech expert.

You can reach us via email – first name at dailyfintech dot com.

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