Our Authors & Editorial Calendar

We have assembled a constellation of stars. Each Author is an expert in their domain with lots of work experience to draw upon. We use journalistic techniques and work within an editorial framework, but we are market practitioners not journalists. Like the best journalists, our Authors are “learn it alls, not know it alls” who are constantly on the hunt for new knowledge and insight and fishing for the truth in an ocean of competing promotional views. Unlike journalists, our Authors have “walked a mile in your shoes”. We can add value because we bring the perspective of our work as entrepreneurs, bankers, tech executives, investors and consultants.

Each day of the week is dedicated to a different part of the Fintech story that is covered by a different Author from a different location:

Monday is Ilias Louis Hatzis writing about Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto (BBC) from Greece. Ilias is an Internet entrepreneur who started his first company, an internet search engine, in the mid 90s during the dot-com era. Later on he founded several Consumer Internet and AdTech startups and went to work for Google and JWT. As well as still being an active entrepreneur, he mentors startups at the MassChallenge, MITEF and other startup accelerators and competitions. Having lived and worked in America, Ilias is currently back in his native Greece.

Tuesday is Efi Pylarinou writing about WealthTech and Capital Markets. Efi brings bold Wall Street experience (Salomon Brothers, Bankers Trust, SGCowen) in a broad range of asset classes (fixed income, structured products, hedge funds). She has lived and worked in the US, France, Greece, Canada, and Switzerland in investment companies, a university, an online education provider, and an executive consulting firm. She brings a strong academic background combined with a focus on breakthrough results. Efi is the author of Fixed income books with Frank Fabozzi.

Wednesday is Jessica Ellerm writing about Small Business Finance from Australia. In addition to writing for Daily Fintech, Jessica also works for Australia’s flagship Fintech startup and small business banking provider, Tyro. She is also a well-known expert on digital growth hacking and presents financial news and market updates for Australia’s leading online finance news provider, Finance News Network.

Thursday is Bernard Lunn writing about Insurtech from Switzerland. Bernard is a serial entrepreneur, senior executive, adviser and strategic deal maker. He started in Fintech before it was called that for companies such as Misys, Temenos and ITRS, as well as smaller startups.  Bernard is the author of Mindshare to Marketshare and has used his media experience with companies such as ReadWriteWeb to guide Daily Fintech since the first post on 29 June 2014. Bernard is a Brit who has lived in America, Asia and Europe and who currently lives in Switzerland.

Friday is Arunkumar Krishnakumar writing about consumer banking and finance. Arun has the experience and global mindset to cover innovation wherever it comes from globally and is equally comfortable in the world of big agile companies as well as scrappy upstarts. His big company experience includes Barclays and PWC. In his current role at Angels Unleashed, StartUp Bootcamp and Funding XChange, Arun works in the world of the scrappy upstart.

Bits don’t stop at borders and neither do our Authors. Our subscribers from 130 countries expect global perspective and the physical newsroom is an artifact of the analog era. So our Authors live and work in Asia, America and Europe. Daily Fintech is decentralized media business born in the digital era.

Each of our Authors is a market expert who can bring value to your company in many ways. Services offered by our Authors varies. We are investors, entrepreneurs, senior executives and advisers/consultants. Each has different experience and skills. You can contact any of our Authors via their LinkedIn profile to initiate a dialogue.

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