The Blockchain Economy book

This is a serialised book. The traditional book format – whether digital or paper delivery – works well for history, biography and fiction, but is less well adapted to fast-moving current events. By the time you “go to press” the world has changed. It is like “painting the Forth Bridge”; by the time you get to the end, you need to start all over again at the start.

Others have spotted this problem. Andreas Antonopoulos had this to say:

“I wrote a book that answers the question ‘What is Bitcoin?’ It’s 300 pages long, was obsolete the moment it was printed and has to be corrected and updated every three months just to keep up with changes.”

Nor is the daily news cycle or a single blog post appropriate for mega trends such as the segue from the Financialization Economy (which we have had for the last 4 decades or so) and the Blockchain Economy which is emerging now. The analysis needs to go a lot deeper than the headlines.

That is why this is a serialised book. Each chapter/post can be read standalone, or you can read them as a series. For convenience, we will publish the series at the end in book format, so you can read on whatever device you want or even on good old fashioned paper. It is like open source – the free version is always available online, but if you want the convenience of delivery you pay a small fee.

Each post in the series will be a chapter in the book. In answer to the question “when will you publish?” the appropriate answer is what you hear from the best software engineers = “when it is ready”. This space is evolving super fast and it is critical to have the flexibility of deciding what the next chapter will be about as the market evolves.

These posts will always stay online and will draw in updates and new knowledge via comments, so you can read the book sequentially and then dive into a specific topic online for updates and more depth.

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The book is divided into 5 parts, each with multiple chapters/posts:

Part 1 = How The Blockchain Economy Infrastructure Is Being Built

Part 2 = How The Blockchain Economy Will Impact Existing Markets

Part 3 = Investing In The Blockchain Economy

Part 4 = Creating A New Venture In The Blockchain Economy

Part 5 = Working As A Contractor/Employee In The Blockchain Economy

The Introduction, with a glossary of key terms is here.

Part 1 Infrastructure

Part 1/Chapter 1 = Building The Blockchain Economy Is Hard And Unglamorous Infrastructure Work

Part 1/Chapter 2= Shy XBRL Emerges Blinking Onto The Blockchain Economy Stage To Power Security Tokens

Part 1/Chapter 3 =Santa Brings Real Time Settlement To The Blockchain Economy For Equity Tokens Far Faster Than Pundits Expected

Part 1/Chapter 4 = Digital Cooperatives may become the Default Corporate Structure in the Blockchain Economy

Part 1/Chapter 5 =Why The blockchain Economy Wont be Financed by Ye Olde Artisanal VC Funds

Part 1/Chapter 6 = Will The Blockchain Economy Be Powered By Something Totally Different Like IOTA Tangle Or Hashgraph?

Part 1/Chapter 7 = Multi Layer Blockchain scaling solutions.

Part 1/Chapter 8 = The Past Present & Future Of Bitcoin Mining

Part 1/Chapter 9 = Some Governments Want To Shut Down Bitcoin But They Don’t Know How

Part 1/Chapter 10 = Why Non State Governance For Bitcoin Ethereum And Other Cryptocurrencies Is So Hard

Part 1/Chapter 11 = Blockchain Economy Is The 1937 Coase Theorem Brought To Life And That Worries Big Corp

Part 1/Chapter 12 = Digital Identity Is The Key To The Blockchain Economy

Part 1/Chapter 13 = The mainstreaming of TOR and SCA may destroy the value proposition of privacy-centric Altcoins

Part 1/Chapter 14 = Proof Of Stake Is More Like Financial Bonds Than Proof Of Work Mining

Part 2  Impact on existing markets:

Part 2/Chapter 1 = Tigger And Eeyore Debate How Much Impact Blockchain Will Have In The Real World

Part 2/Chapter 2 = Blockchain Bits Of Destruction Hit Wall Street

Part 2/Chapter 3 = Blockchain may finally disrupt payments from Micropayments to Credit Cards to SWIFT

Part 2/Chapter 4 = blockchain bad news for incumbents is 10x price collapse, good news is 10x increase in volume

Part 2/Chapter  5 = How Blockchain Could Finally Enable The Vision Of User Controlled Electronic Health Records

Part 2/Chapter 6 = Blocks Of Disruption Hit The Media Business As Privacy Finally Hits The Front Page In 2018

Part 2/Chapter 7 = Blocks Of Destruction Hit The Supply Chain Business

Part 2/Chapter 8 = Blockchain Smart Contracts Leads To A Near Term Boom But Decimates The Entry Level Legal Jobs On Which The Industry Depends.

Part 2/Chapter 9 = Blockchain Second Killer App Maybe In The Sharing Economy

Part 2/Chapter 10 = Cannabis And Blockchain Are Two Legally Grey Area Markets Getting Together

Part 3 Investing in The Blockchain Economy

Part 3/Chapter 1 = Introducing Part 3 Of The Blockchain Economy Serialised Book -Investing In The Blockchain Economy

Note: I publish online as I write, which is not necessarily in sequence. For example, Part 2 is not complete and I am concurrently working on Part 3.

Please give me feedback. You are the decentralised editorial team

Note to those who get posts by email. I make edits to the online version and will make further edits before print/ebook publishing. The email version is a snapshot in time.

I am happy to receive feedback either publicly in comments or privately via email. Either way, such kind editors will be acknowledged in the print/ebook version (with the usual acknowledgement that all remaining errors are entirely mine).