The Blockchain Economy book

The transition from exchanging content online to exchanging value online changes everything. Read this book to learn how to prosper in this new economy.

The Blockchain Economy is a digital book, which is ideally suited to a fast-changing subject such as Blockchain, where a print book is out of date as soon as it “goes to press”. We edit and update the book as information changes.

You can print the book if you want the convenience of reading on paper.

The Blockchain Economy Table Of Contents

The book is divided into 5 parts – 1) Introduction 2) Infrastructure 3) Existing Markets    4) Investing 5) Bitcoin


Part 1/Chapter 1 Who should read the Blockchain Economy book

Part 1/Chapter 2 Blockchain is Internet Version 3

Part 1/Chapter 3 Some key words you will need to understand to read this book

Part 1/Chapter 4 The Creative Destruction 7 Act Play


Part 2/Chapter 1 The 3 layer stack

Part 2/Chapter 2 Layer 3: Creating Blockchain Finance Market Infrastructure at Light Speed.

Part 2/Chapter 3 Layer 2 Blockchain Middleware is as as free and as valuable as air

Part 2/Chapter 4 Protocol Layer 1 & The Bitcoin Maximalist Debate.

Part 2/Chapter 5 Shy XBRL Emerges Blinking Onto The Blockchain Economy Stage To Power Security Tokens

Part 2/Chapter 6 Real Time Settlement is the big market innovation powering Blockchain Finance

Part 2/Chapter 7  Digital Cooperatives may become the Default Corporate Structure in the Blockchain Economy

Part 2/Chapter 8 Why The blockchain Economy Wont be Financed by Ye Olde Artisanal VC Funds

Part 2/Chapter 9 Will The Blockchain Economy Be Powered By Something Totally Different Like a Tangle Or DAG?

Part 2/Chapter 10 Multi Layer Blockchain scaling solutions.

Part 2/Chapter 11 The Past Present & Future Of Bitcoin Mining

Part 2/Chapter 12 Some Governments Want To Shut Down Bitcoin But They Don’t Know How

Part 2/Chapter 13 Why Non State Governance For Bitcoin Ethereum And Other Cryptocurrencies Is So Hard

Part 2/Chapter 14 Blockchain Economy Is The 1937 Coase Theorem Brought To Life And That Worries Big Corp

Part 2/Chapter 15 Digital Identity Is The Key To The Blockchain Economy

Part 2/Chapter 16 TOR and other threats to privacy-centric Altcoins

Part 2/Chapter 17 Proof Of Stake Is More Like Financial Bonds Than Proof Of Work Mining

Part 3 = How The Blockchain Economy Will Impact Existing Markets

Part 3/Chapter 1 Watch Blockchains Creative Destruction 7 Act Play

Part 3/Chapter 2 Blockchain Bits Of Destruction Hit Wall Street

Part 3/Chapter 3 Blockchain may finally disrupt payments from Micropayments to Credit Cards to SWIFT

Part 3/Chapter 4 Blockchain May Disrupt Insurance Before Banking

Part 3/Chapter  5 How Blockchain Could Finally Enable The Vision Of User Controlled Electronic Health Records

Part 3/Chapter 6 Blocks Of Disruption Hit The Media Business As Privacy Finally Hits The Front Page In 2018

Part 3/Chapter 7 Blocks Of Destruction Hit The Supply Chain Business

Part 3/Chapter 8 How Blockchain Smart Contracts will impact the legal business.

Part 3/Chapter 9 Blockchain Second Killer App Maybe In The Sharing Economy

Part 3/Chapter 10 Cannabis And Blockchain Are Two Legally Grey Area Markets Getting Together

Part 3/Chapter 11 Decentralized Marketplaces to beat Amazon = big opportunity Or Cypherpunk Pipedream? 

Part 3/Chapter 12 11 other established markets that are facing Blockchain disruption.

Part 3/Chapter 13 Blockchain Bad News For Incumbents Is 10x Price Collapse, Good News Is 10x Increase In Volume

Part 3/Chapter 14 Try to ignore the Blockchain Hype Coaster

Part 4 Investing

Part 4/Chapter 1 Investing In The Blockchain Economy

Part 4/Chapter 2 Investing in Utility Tokens.

Part 4/Chapter 3 Investing in Early Stage Equity via Tokenised Equity (fka Venture Capital).

Part 4/Chapter 4 Investing in Asset Backed Tokens.

Part 4/Chapter 5 Investing in Payment Tokens and Stablecoins (aka new currencies).

Part 4/Chapter 6 = Impact Investing via NonProfit Tokens.


Part 5 Bitcoin

We devote a number of Chapters to the one cryptocurrency that started all this.

Part 5/Chapter 1 Why bitcoin is surprisingly valuable and stable as a chair with only one leg

Part 5/Chapter 2 Lightning Network Is The Bitcoin Story That Matters In 2019.

Part 5/Chapter 3 The Path To Mainstream Adoption Of Bitcoin Is Not Through Legacy Finance Institutions It Is Through The Excluded.

Part 5/Chapter 4 A Bitcoin Maximalist describes a real issue to worry about – it is not what the Bitcoin sceptics tell you

The book concludes with a chapter focussed on the entrepreneur, who is the lead actor in the Creative Destruction 7 Act Play:

Creating A New Venture In The Blockchain Economy