Building The Blockchain Economy


This as a serialised book. The traditional book format – whether digital or paper delivery – works well for history, biography and fiction, but is less well adapted to fast-moving current events. By the time you “go to press” the world has changed. It is like “painting the Forth Bridge”; by the time you get to the end, you need to start all over again at the start.

Nor is the daily news cycle appropriate for mega trends such as the segue from the Financialization Economy (which we have had for the last 4 decades or so) and the Blockchain Economy which is emerging now. The analysis needs to go a lot deeper than the headlines.

So a weekly series is the chosen format. Each post can be read standalone, or you can read them as a series. For convenience, we will publish the series at the end in book format, so you can read on whatever device you want or even on good old fashioned paper. Each post in the series will be a chapter in the book. In answer to the question “when will you publish?” the appropriate answer is what you hear from the best software engineers = “when it is ready”. This space is evolving super fast and it is critical to have the flexibility of deciding each week what the next chapter will be about. It is probably about 12 chapters/posts, but could be more; we will tell you as we get near the end of the Forth Bridge.

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Posts/chapters so far:

Building The Blockchain Economy Is Hard And Unglamorous Infrastructure Work

Shy XBRL Emerges Blinking Onto The Blockchain Economy Stage To Power Equity Tokens.

Santa Brings Real Time Settlement To The Blockchain Economy For Equity Tokens Far Faster Than Pundits Expected

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