Market laboratory

Daily FintechAdvisers are known for combining big picture vision and pragmatic execution. We move between 30,000 foot for big picture perspective to the ground realities of creating a new service. 

The ground realities of creating a new service is where we use a market laboratory approach which has 4 steps

Step 1. We identify unmet needs in the market (the big picture vision part). We do not reinvent wheels. Nor do we attempt to enter markets that have competent competitors. Daily Fintech gets to see new ventures in the Fintech market, so we have better insight than most to identify  unmet needs in the market.

Step 2. We wait for the appropriate technology to emerge that we can use to service that need. We are patient because we know that timing is the most critical success factor in startup success. We see many attempts at meeting a real unmet need where the technology was simply not available.

Step 3. We partner with companies who can bring that new service to life. Some of these Those partners get to showcase their capabilities via case studies on Daily Fintech as well as getting paid in cash and equity.

Step 4. We either keep the service within the Daily Fintech or spin off the new service with its own shareholders and management team.