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Bernard Lunn is a serial entrepreneur working at the intersection of media and Fintech. Bernard combines big picture thinking with pragmatic execution. He has  lived/worked in America, Europe and Asia and done business in 40 countries. He began in the engine room of Fintech working for companies such as Misys and Temenos. Consult with Bernard on all matters related to sales/marketing as well as strategic issues related to when/how to raise capital/exit and when/how to expand into adjacent markets either organically or via acquisition.

Here are some highlights of the interview

0:36 Bernard shares a short version of his career – from his experience in Misys to the start of being an advisor.

3:28 Bernard tells us why he started Daily Fintech and how it became a global business.

7:20 Bernard believes blockchain is totally changing the game. He also describes the three phases of financial world and why blockchain is the critical phase III

9:52 Bernard shares his definition of advisor.

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