Advisory Services

Our clients benefit from our ability to to deliver results by combining deep industry knowledge, powerful relationships, big picture vision and pragmatic execution.

We focus on serving entrepreneurs of all types, including those at investor funded startups as well as “intrapreneurs” transforming existing financial institutions.

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur with mass adoption of mobile, dramatic reduction in tech costs from open source plus cloud and lots of disruptive technology such as Blockchain and AI.

However, we all need some help along the way. This page describes some of our advisory services:

Outside In review.

When you are creating or investing in a new service, it helps to get a view from somebody who is “outside” (not involved in building the solution) but who is an expert in the market and knows the trends and competition in your space.

Inflection Point growth coaching.

Inflection points include a major fund raising, an acquisition or merger offer or an opportunity to grow through acquisition or bringing somebody onto the top management team. Sometimes you want somebody who is not a) part of the internal team (either Board or Management) or b) an external adviser who is motivated by a transactional outcome.

Partnership Deal coaching.

We advise on growth through both north and south facing partnerships:

  • North facing relationships enable you to drive revenue (directly or indirectly) with companies who are in the layers above you in the stack.


  • South facing relationships enable you to build out your complete product with  companies who are in the layers below you in the stack.

We are networked, agile and discrete:

  • Networked. Key players in the global Fintech ecosystem trust us to deliver unique insight about Fintech into their inbox every day. Because these key players respect our deep industry knowledge and big picture vision, they pick up the phone when we call. This enables us to bring valuable opportunities to our clients. 


  • Agile. We are agile (meaning we deliver results fast) because we are able to assemble the most effective team for your needs and because of our ability to tap into our network. In today’s fast-paced world, execution requires a multi-disciplinary team that combines technology, legal/regulatory, marketing/sales and finance. We assemble the team you need now based on relevant talent.  


  • Discrete. We always respect Confidentiality. The only time you will see our clients mentioned on our site is when we put a disclosure in a post.

Market laboratory via SpinOffs

Daily FintechAdvisers are known for combining big picture vision and pragmatic execution. We move between 30,000 foot for big picture perspective to the ground realities of creating a new service. 

The ground realities of creating a new service is where we use a market laboratory approach which has 4 steps

Step 1. We identify unmet needs in the market (the big picture vision part). We do not reinvent wheels. Nor do we attempt to enter markets that have competent competitors. Daily Fintech gets to see new ventures in the Fintech market, so we have better insight than most to identify unmet needs in the market.

Step 2. We wait for the appropriate technology to emerge that we can use to service that need. We are patient because we know that timing is the most critical success factor in startup success. We see many attempts at meeting a real unmet need where the technology was simply not available.

Step 3. We partner with companies who can bring that new service to life. Some of these Those partners get to showcase their capabilities via case studies on Daily Fintech as well as getting paid in cash and equity.

Step 4. We either keep the service within the Daily Fintech or spin off the new service with its own shareholders and management team.

To initiate a conversation, please send an email to Julia Spiegel, our Chief Commercial Adviser (julia at daily