Attention is the new gold

Daily Fintech creates original analysis each day. We work hard to have a high signal to noise ratio because we respect the attention of the people who matter in the global Fintech market.

Our mission is to offer insights that spark conversations that make good things happen.

This is open source analysis. We are different from a traditional media business in 3 ways:

  • 1 We are insight driven not news driven. We track news as one source of insight but only one. Our aim is to generate unique insight each day.


  • 2 Written by market practitioners. Like the best journalists, the Experts who write on Daily Fintech are “learn it alls, not know it alls” who are constantly on the hunt for new knowledge and insight. Unlike journalists, our Experts have “walked a mile in your shoes”. We can add value because we bring the perspective of our work as entrepreneurs, bankers, senior executives, technologists, investors and consultants.


  • 3 We monetise through Advisory Services rather than advertising. That is why you don’t see any annoying ads getting in the way of what you want to learn. (To initiate a conversation about our services, please send an email to julia at dailyfintech dot com).

What is more valuable:

A. 10 people who influence how $ billions are spent?


B. 100 people with no money or influence?

The currency of the web (advertising) says B is 10x more valuable than A. That is clearly broken. We all know that A is more valuable. That is why we monetise through advisory services rather than advertising.

Everything we do is designed to protect the time of the people who matter (the small number who influence how $ billions are spent), because time is the one thing we cannot manufacture more of. That respect for your attention drives how we write and what we write about. It also explains why we don’t employ any of the normal tricks to grab your attention – all of them are as annoying as somebody at a party using a megaphone to talk to you. Our respect for your time is also why our platform is highly curated.

Daily Fintech is a highly curated platform. In order to avoid wasting your time with one off posts with lots of overlap, our Experts write regularly (once per week) within a specific domain.