About Us

Daily Fintech creates open source research, monetised through advisory projects.

Our mission is to offer insights that spark conversations that make things happen.

At first glance, we look like a media business but we are different from a traditional media business in 3 key ways:

  1. We are insight driven not news driven. We track news as one source of insight but only one. Our aim is to generate unique insight each day.
  2. Written by market practitioners. We have assembled a “constellation of stars” to share their insights with you. Our 6 Authors work across Asia, America and Europe) and are market practitioners not journalists. Like the best journalists, our Authors are “learn it alls, not know it alls” who are constantly on the hunt for new knowledge and insight. Unlike journalists, our Authors have “walked a mile in your shoes”. We can add value because we bring the perspective of our work as entrepreneurs, bankers, senior executives, technologists, investors and consultants.
  3. We monetise through advisory work rather than advertising. This is based on the counter-intuitive insight that a multi-author blog is a great way to a) learn b) explain and c) connect (with people who can help you with your mission). Those three things – scalable learning, explaining and connecting are key to being effective as an advisor.

We have been described as a think tank and that sort of fits except that a) we have a pragmatic commercial orientation b) we are geographically decentralized c) there is no single sponsor (aka piper who pays the tune).

Although we are hard to pigeon hole, what we doing works well in practice. On the free side, our 20,000 plus subscribers from 130 countries are the leaders in Fintech. We work hard to have a high signal to noise ratio and that works. We have the attention of the people who matter in the global Fintech market.

We learn from these leaders and connect to them for our clients. That is what connects the free part of our business to the revenue side.

Our advisory work combines big picture vision with pragmatic execution and is based on solving whatever big strategic challenge you face – whether it is capital raising, acquisition, exit, hiring talent, partnerships, customer acquisition or investing. Reach out via bernard at daily fintech dot com to initiate a conversation.