The Blockchain Economy courseware

The transition from exchanging content online to exchanging value online changes everything. Read The Blockchain Economy to learn how to prosper in this new economy.

A print book is out of date as soon as it “goes to press”. We edit and update The Blockchain Economy as information changes. It is cross between a digital book and online courseware.

The Blockchain Economy Table Of Contents

The book is divided into 5 parts – 1) Introduction 2) Infrastructure 3) Existing Markets    4) Investing 5) Bitcoin


Part 1/Chapter 1 Who should read the Blockchain Economy book

Part 1/Chapter 2 Blockchain is Internet Version 3

Part 1/Chapter 3 Some key words you will need to understand to read this book

Part 1/Chapter 4 The Creative Destruction 7 Act Play


Part 2/Chapter 1 The 3 layer stack

Part 2/Chapter 2 Layer 3: Creating Blockchain Finance Market Infrastructure at Light Speed.

Part 2/Chapter 3 Layer 2 Blockchain Middleware is as as free and as valuable as air

Part 2/Chapter 4 Protocol Layer 1 & The Bitcoin Maximalist Debate.

Part 2/Chapter 5 Shy XBRL Emerges Blinking Onto The Blockchain Economy Stage To Power Security Tokens

Part 2/Chapter 6 Real Time Settlement is the big market innovation powering Blockchain Finance

Part 2/Chapter 7  Digital Cooperatives may become the Default Corporate Structure in the Blockchain Economy

Part 2/Chapter 8 Why The blockchain Economy Wont be Financed by Ye Olde Artisanal VC Funds

Part 2/Chapter 9 Will The Blockchain Economy Be Powered By Something Totally Different Like a Tangle Or DAG?

Part 2/Chapter 10 Multi Layer Blockchain scaling solutions.

Part 2/Chapter 11 The Past Present & Future Of Bitcoin Mining

Part 2/Chapter 12 Some Governments Want To Shut Down Bitcoin But They Don’t Know How

Part 2/Chapter 13 Why Non State Governance For Bitcoin Ethereum And Other Cryptocurrencies Is So Hard

Part 2/Chapter 14 Blockchain Economy Is The 1937 Coase Theorem Brought To Life And That Worries Big Corp

Part 2/Chapter 15 Digital Identity Is The Key To The Blockchain Economy

Part 2/Chapter 16 TOR and other threats to privacy-centric Altcoins

Part 2/Chapter 17 Proof Of Stake Is More Like Financial Bonds Than Proof Of Work Mining

Part 3 = How The Blockchain Economy Will Impact Existing Markets

Part 3/Chapter 1 Watch Blockchains Creative Destruction 7 Act Play

Part 3/Chapter 2 Blockchain Bits Of Destruction Hit Wall Street

Part 3/Chapter 3 Blockchain may finally disrupt payments from Micropayments to Credit Cards to SWIFT

Part 3/Chapter 4 Blockchain May Disrupt Insurance Before Banking

Part 3/Chapter  5 How Blockchain Could Finally Enable The Vision Of User Controlled Electronic Health Records

Part 3/Chapter 6 Blocks Of Disruption Hit The Media Business As Privacy Finally Hits The Front Page

Part 3/Chapter 7 Blocks Of Destruction Hit The Supply Chain Business

Part 3/Chapter 8 How Blockchain Smart Contracts will impact the legal business.

Part 3/Chapter 9 Blockchain Second Killer App Maybe In The Sharing Economy

Part 3/Chapter 10 Cannabis And Blockchain Are Two Legally Grey Area Markets Getting Together

Part 3/Chapter 11 Decentralized Marketplaces to beat Amazon = big opportunity Or Cypherpunk Pipedream? 

Part 3/Chapter 12 11 other established markets that are facing Blockchain disruption.

Part 3/Chapter 13 Blockchain Bad News For Incumbents Is 10x Price Collapse, Good News Is 10x Increase In Volume

Part 3/Chapter 14 Try to ignore the Blockchain Hype Coaster

Part 4 Investing

Part 4/Chapter 1 Investing In The Blockchain Economy

Part 4/Chapter 2 Investing in Utility Tokens.

Part 4/Chapter 3 Investing in Early Stage Equity via Security Tokens (fka Venture Capital).

Part 4/Chapter 4 Investing in Asset Backed Tokens.

Part 4/Chapter 5 Investing in Payment Tokens and Stablecoins (aka new currencies).

Part 4/Chapter 6 = Impact Investing via NonProfit Tokens.


Part 5 Bitcoin

We devote a number of Chapters to the one cryptocurrency that started all this.

Part 5/Chapter 1 Why bitcoin is surprisingly valuable and stable as a chair with only one leg

Part 5/Chapter 2 Lightning Network Is The Bitcoin Story That Matters In 2019.

Part 5/Chapter 3 The Path To Mainstream Adoption Of Bitcoin Is Not Through Legacy Finance Institutions It Is Through The Excluded.

Part 5/Chapter 4 A Bitcoin Maximalist describes a real issue to worry about – it is not what the Bitcoin sceptics tell you

Part 5/Chapter 5 Why #GetOffZero Gets Sensible Investors To Look Seriously At Improbable Bitcoin Based Solutions

Part 5/Chapter 6 Governments with weak currencies may overcome their fear of Bitcoin and so usher in a new global currency

The book concludes with a chapter focussed on the entrepreneur, who is the lead actor in the Creative Destruction 7 Act Play:

Creating A New Venture In The Blockchain Economy