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Daily Fintech has published Fintech, Crypto and Insurtech trends & analysis since 2014.

We serve busy leaders in the global Fintech market – entrepreneurs, bankers, senior executives, technologists, investors, regulators and consultants who determine how $ billions of value are created.

Our respect for their time explains why we don’t employ any of the normal tricks to grab attention – all of them are as annoying as somebody at a party using a megaphone to talk to you.

Daily Fintech insights are created by experts who have “walked a mile in your shoes”, bringing their perspective as entrepreneurs, bankers, senior executives, technologists, investors, regulators and consultants.  Our view is that it is easier to help an expert in a market learn some journalism techniques than to expect journalists to be experts in complex fast-changing markets.

Daily Fintech experts go through a rigorous onboarding process and have to comply with strict editorial and disclosure policies. Our Experts do not simply track and analyse the news. We are also attempting something harder which is to anticipate what the news will be in future – foresight beats hindsight.

Our focus on quality has been recognised with the silver medal in this ranking of top 100 Fintech Blogs.

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Daily Fintech is owned by Bernard Lunn, who serves as both CEO and Editor and occasional writer.