Part 2. A round up of recent news about FinTech innovation from the Rest.

On one day in April I ran a simple experiment. I typed Fintech into a search engine and hit News and looked at the top 10 news items through a West or Rest lens.

Among the top 3 results, 2 have a Rest slant with one being an Indian company and the other being a US company aiming at the Latin America market.  The only purely American story is a rather cynical one about celebrities and SuperBowl.

Going to the next 7, the West scored a bit better with 5 Stories from West with two having a negative slant. The Rest was over represented by India with two Indian ventures.

West, positive:

West but negative due to regulation

Indian venture

West but negative due to overcrowded market

Another Indian venture

From this small experiment it is clear that innovation capital is flowing to the Rest.

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