Web3 Part 4 Hype waves go through a lot of turbulence 

Inevitable does not mean imminent. It is inevitable that the decentralized Web3 will replace the centralized Web2, but nobody knows when this will happen – it is not imminent. Amaras law is still true; I have deep conviction on direction of travel, but I have no idea on the speed of travel.
To trade successfully you have to get timing right. Crypto scams that use Web3 to sell their tokens, claim that the transition to Web3 is imminent. It is NOT and will likely go through the hype to despond market cycle. Investors who buy near the bottom of the despond cycle will do well.
When all the chatter about Web3 is negative ie at trough of disillusionment, it may be time to buy your favourite crypto token. When everyone falls out of love with a sector, that can be the time to invest.

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