Web3 Part 3 exchanging value (not just content) online is a game changer

One reason why Web3 has some negative chatter is that it is being used to hype some crypto projects. The implied correlation is Web3 is good so crypto project X is good.

I am NOT promoting any crypto projects, but I think that Web3 based on decentralised and permissionless exchange of value is real and not hype.

Bitcoin, the first crypto project and first Web 3 venture, changed the game by making it possible to exchange value (not just content) online.

Disclosure,  own some Bitcoin.

Web2 ventures created a huge amount of value based on the Internet being the perfect copy machine. If this post gets a million views it costs me almost exactly the same as if it got 100 views. Yet if I sold you something for $1million it is a totally different value proposition than selling you something for $1. What Bitcoin enabled was a way for all of us to exchange value securely whether it is for $1million or for $1.

At some point in future this will seem as normal as buying stuff online (which looked weird & risky when it first appeared).

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