Lemonade ($LMND), a member of the Fintech 50 Index of publicly traded stocks did a rocket ship from Series A to IPO

Do you remember where you were when Lemonade raised  $13m Series A through investors Sequoia Capital and Israeli VC Aleph in December 2015? I do. I was in London hanging out with Rick Huckstep the first person writing the Insurtech column on Daily Fintech.

4.5 years later in July 2020 Lemonade was valued at over $3bn in an IPO. That is the sort of valuation hockey stick that entrepreneurs and investors put in their decks but see more often in their dreams than in reality.

Lemonade is certainly valued like a growth stock. To find out how fast Lemonade is actually growing, investors should do quantitive analysis of quarter to quarter revenue momentum.

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