Part 2 Has to work with very few trades

  • 1 million trades with an aggregrate profit of $1 million?
  • 1 single trade with a profit of $1 million?

For the Follower Investor who is paying a % of the profit, it does NOT matter, but many great investors – such as Warren Buffet – made a LOT of money with a very small number of trades and they do not want to exclude those Originating Investors.

The problem is that many of the copy trading ventures have been monetised by brokerage firms who only make money with lots of trades. So they miss the investors who make a lot of money on very few trades.

1 single trade with a profit of $1 million does imply an Originating Investor willing to deploy a lot of capital and as Part 4 will describe this has to work with both small & large amounts of capital. In the copy trading future, the Follower Investor can make the decision on whether to copy an investor doing a small or large numberof trades.

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