4 part series on Lightning Network Part 3: Tigger says be patient it is happening and will change everything 

Tigger bounced onto stage at the Pooh Corner Tech Debate and got a big cheer when he said “soon all Bitcoin wallets will have a Lightning Network capability and users will simply notice faster confirmation and lower fees.”

A positive heckler shouted “and that will solve the economic incentive issue for node operators that Eeyore was blathering about”.

On an excitable roll, Tigger pointed to recent news indicating traction:

Lightning Network  capacity breaks 1,500 BTC

The CEO of Twitter hinted that the Lightning Network will be integrated into the social network

A publicly traded company buying millions of $ worth of Bitcoin to fund their  Lightning Network operations

Playing to the crowd Tigger invited them to imagine a future with micropayments, real time payments and mobile money for the unbanked.

Enough excitable optimism and depressive pessimism last week. Next week, the bear of little brain attempts to offer a balanced view.

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