This Week in Fintech ending 26 March 2021

This Week in Fintech ending 19th March 2021This week our experts brought you the following insights based on their experience as investors, entrepreneurs & executives.

Monday Ilias Hatzis our Greece-based crypto entrepreneur (Founder & CEO at Mercato Blockchain Corporation AG and Weekly Columnist at Daily Fintech) @iliashatzis wrote Coinbase’s IPO is a Bitcoin IPO

Coinbase began in 2012 when former Airbnb engineer, Brian Armstrong, and Goldman Sachs trader, Fred Ehrsam joined forces to establish an exchange that would make investing and trading in cryptocurrencies more straightforward and fair. A month ago, Coinbase publicly filed the paperwork to list its stock on the NASDAQ exchange. Now, Coinbase has postponed its anticipated Initial Public Offering from March to April 2021. Some claim that Coinbase IPO delay may be a result of its recent allegations of illegal wash trading practices. Coinbase paid $6.5 million to settle trading investigation with CFTC, for reckless false, misleading, or inaccurate reporting as well as wash trading. Early this month, Jared Dillion wrote on Bloomberg that the digital asset exchange is an “odd business with many unusual risks.”

Editor note: Ilias makes a good bull case for Coinbase based on it disrupting traditional banking


Bernard Lunn, CEO of Daily Fintech and author of The Blockchain Economy wrote: What went wrong at Greensill Capital?

Greensill Capital (a UK based supply chain finance company founded in 2011) filed for insolvency protection on March 8, 2021, having raised over $2 billion in capital.

Supply Chain Finance is a wonky subject. If you talk about it at a cocktail party people look over your shoulder to find somebody more interesting to talk to. Smooth talking hustlers find a way to sex up such wonky subjects. Think of Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) in blood tests, Ken Lay (Enron) in utility deregulation and Adam Neumann (WeWork) in office rents. Now we can add Lex Greensill in Supply Chain Finance to that list.

Editor note: This post digs below the exciting news stories to analyse the reasons why Greensill Capital failed and what that  failure means for Supply Chain Finance.

Tuesday Bernard Lunn, CEO of Daily Fintech and author of The Blockchain Economy wrote: Part 4 = What will be impact on broader crypto ecosystem of Coinbase IPO?

The crypto bull market is in full swing, so it is no surprise that Coinbase is doing well and on track for a big public listing. In this post we look at the implications of this IPO (actually a DPO = Direct Public Offering) on the crypto ecosystem.

Editor note: Coinbase will be one of the biggest publicly traded Fintech companies by market cap(italization) – the behemoth of crypto. 

Wednesday Alan Scott Managing Director EMEA at 24 Exchange @Alan_SmartMoney wrote Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 24 March 2021.

This weekly snapshot is the news that matters in the Stablecoin market.



Rintu Patnaik, an Insurtech expert based in India, wrote: SPACs, NFTs and Clubhouse: Blips on the Q1 radar

We are already racing to close the first 2021 quarter. Take a moment to pause and review trends making most news or surprising us with their novelty, you cannot miss the SPAC activity, NFT market upswing and growing interest in Clubhouse.

Editor note: The once staid world of Insurance is now facing trends such as SPACS, NFTs and Clubhouse that are usually reserved for trendy markets such social media.

Christian Dreyer @x3er, our Swiss based CFA who focusses on how XBRL changes our world wrote: XBRL News about taxonomy updates and derivatives

Editor note: This weekly snapshot is the news that matters in the XBRL market.


Friday Howard Tolman, a well-known banker, technologist and entrepreneur in London. wrote: Alt lending Week Ended 26th March 2021

Editor note: This weekly snapshot is the news that matters in the Alt Lending market.


Your Editor is Bernard Lunn. He is also the CEO of Daily Fintech and author of The Blockchain Economy and occasional opinion columnist.

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