Daily Fintech announces Quintin Gomez as technology adviser based in Silicon Valley

Daily Fintech is tapping the expertise of Silicon Valley based Quintin Gomez to help guide a transition to becoming a software enabled media business.

Daily Fintech is a globally decentralized business with readers and expert contributors all over the world. So it was natural that the company should not be constrained by location as it builds out it’s Global Non-Executive Advisory Committee.

Quintin joins Paul Conley, based in New York City and focussed on content.

Bernard Lunn told us “I have worked with Quintin in multiple companies and have a deep respect for his approach to building great software. Quintin has led software teams in well known firms such as Misys and Intuit.

Currently Quintin is building Nest Payroll, which is the only mobile-first, 100% tax compliant payroll platform that makes it super easy to pay nannies, caregivers and housekeepers.

Quintin Gomez told us “it will be great to work with Bernard again to help him transition Daily Fintech to becoming a software enabled media business.”

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