Introducing Rintu Patnaik as the Daily Fintech Insurtech author


Two announcements today.

The first is that Pat Kelahan is the latest person to join the Daily Fintech alumni who go on to do so much other great work. Your guides to Insurtech have included:

Rick Huckstep 

Stephen Goldstein

Pat Kelahan

Rintu Patnaik

Which brings me onto the second part of this announcement, which is  about Rintu Patnaik who will be taking over from Pat tomorrow.

Insurtech started later than BankTech but the disruption seems to be happening faster. As the Insurance market globally is over $5,000 billion a year, this is a big deal and why we have been covering Insurtech every day since this first post in 2015.

As 80 percent of Insurance growth comes from Emerging markets, it made sense to find somebody in one of these markets. 

So I was delighted when Rintu Patnaik, an Insurtech expert based in India, agreed to be your guide to the Insurtech tsunami of change. Please tune in each Thursday.

There is a big demand for quality information in Insurtech, because it is a complex subject as well as a massive market.

So we work hard to find the best expert wherever they are in the world. Location is never an obstacle for us because we have been running a decentralized remote working operation since we started in 2014.

We found that expert in Rintu Patnaik.

Last week I interviewed Rintu to get his views about Insurtech. So I was delighted when Rintu agreed to take over our Insurtech Thursday slot.

To understand Insurtech you need to have a rare combination of experience. You need to understand the nuances of Insurance You also need to understand how to use technology and be an entrepreneur with a mindset of creating value in broken markets.

Rintu Patnaik  is that rare combination. You can read all about Rintu on his LinkedIn profile.

Rintu is now based in India, but has earlier worked in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila and Southern California. He started in Insurtech with Apex Systems (now NTT Data FA). Rintu is currently Senior Director RI/P&C Insurance (EMEA APAC) at Sapiens (NASDAQ listed Insurance Solutions). His entrepreneurial track record includes co-founding a health informatics social venture with a mission to find solutions to curb spread of vector-borne, communicable diseases through smart use of data and technology.

Please welcome Rintu Patnaik . He will be your guide to the Insurtech tsunami of change. Please tune in each Thursday to learn what matters in the Insurtech market.

Rintu is the type of deep domain expert who creates original insight each day on Daily Fintech.

That insight is made available to you for US$143 a year (which equates to $2.75 per week). $2.75 buys you a coffee (maybe), or the cost of a week’s subscription to the global Fintech blog – caffeine for the mind that could be worth $ millions.

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