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An elephant will not forget…


All good things become other good things and as such will be my tenure at the Daily Fintech.  Seventeen months ago, I was welcomed to the blog’s author cohort by DF’s Managing Editor, Bernard Lunn.  In the ensuing period  I was a privileged author working with and conveying insurance and Insurtech news and goings-ons.  I’ll take this finale column to thank you and recall some of the weekly Insurtech columns that struck a chord with me. 


Patrick Kelahan is a CX, engineering & insurance consultant, working with Insurers, Attorneys & Owners. He also serves the insurance and Fintech world as the ‘Insurance Elephant’.  Image source

How does one take a last pass at composing an article after many months of doing just that every Thursday?  A run through one’s work.

Parametric Insurance- The Least Known Best Response to Unfortunate Happenings

I’m still a strong advocate for the option, and have posted multiple selections since that March 2019 article.


Insurtech Adherents Must See the Elephant is Insurance

And the beast remains active within the insurance jungle.


Enjoying a Cool Discussion of insurance- Lemonade- not too sweet, not too sour

The company and its CEO will continue to be a subject of my interest.



Words are fun.



A realization that has been all too stark regarding cover for millions of businesses.


It was a stroll through insurance news nostalgia as I prepared this swan song article:


Please be on eager outlook for the gentleman to whom I will pass the Insurtech baton.  I know him to be a knowledgeable and detailed technical writer with deep connections with the insurance sector.  His entry will be announced for the next column.

Thank you all for your support- it will not be forgotten.  The Insurance Elephant will be around and about blazing different paths.



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