Introducing Howard Tolman as the Daily Fintech Alt Lending News Curator

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During 2020, Daily Fintech started a new format to curate the most important news in big waves of change in Fintech. 

One of the big waves of change in Fintech is Alt Lending. So I am delighted to announce that, starting next week,  Howard Tolman will be your Alt Lending News Curator

We believe in constraints because sipping from a firehose is a time suck for the busy senior leaders who rely on Daily Fintech to deliver just enough information to get on with their job.  So once a week your News Curator will choose the 3 most important Alt Lending news stories. This requires judgement and that only comes with deep experience in the market, which is why we are so happy to announce that  Howard Tolman will be your the Daily Fintech Alt Lending News Curator

We chose news about Alt Lending because we believe that this is a tsunami sized wave of change where there is a big demand for quality information. It is also a complex subject and so we worked hard to find the best expert, wherever they are in the world (location is never an obstacle for us because we have been running a decentralized remote working operation since we started in 2014) and we found that expert in Howard Tolman. Howard and I first started working together in 2014 and I have enjoyed talking to him about the transformation of financial services. Howard is that rare combination, both deeply knowledgeable and an outside the box thinker. He is a serial entrepreneur and senior executive who has “walked a mile in your shoes”.

Seeing the news that matters each week will help busy senior leaders to position well for the Alt Lending tsunami of change. 

Last week I interviewed Howard to get his views about Alt Lending. So I was delighted when Howard agreed to be our Alt Lending News Curator.

To understand Alt Lending you need to have a rare combination of experience. You need to be a banker who understands credit risk. You also need to understand how to use technology and be an entrepreneur with a mindset of creating value in broken markets. 

Howard Tolman is that rare combination. You can read all about Howard on his LinkedIn profile.

Howard’s career has included banks such as Martins Bank, Bankers Trust, Rothschilds, Dresdner Bank and Bank of America. Trained as an accountant his banking career included trading, business development and credit analysis (including becoming Head of Syndicated loans). Howard is based in London today, but his career has included stints in Amsterdam, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greece and New York.

Howard’s technology career includes being directors of Cognotec and  Logicscope (which was acquired by Markit in 2009). 

Howard’s entrepreneurial and investor track record included ventures in automated trading, base level consumer financial services & structured finance for mortgages and cybersecurity.

Please welcome Howard Tolman. He will be your guide to the Alt Lending tsunami of change. Please tune in each Friday to learn what matters in the Alt Lending market.

Howard is the type of deep domain expert who creates original insight each day on Daily Fintech.

That insight is made available to you for US$143 a year (which equates to $2.75 per week). $2.75 buys you a coffee (maybe), or the cost of a week’s subscription to the global Fintech blog – caffeine for the mind that could be worth $ millions.

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