If Security Tokens are taking a nap, buy $OSTK now

Are Security Tokens taking a nap or in a coma.001

In our last post on Security Tokens we asked if Security Tokens are taking a refreshing nap or in a coma at death’s door?

If you believe that Security Tokens are taking a refreshing nap, you have a simple way to profit from that belief – you buy the stock of a publicly traded company called Overstock (symbol = OSTK) that owns tZero which could disrupt Wall Street.

You don’t need anybody’s permission, there are no gatekeepers (such as a VC fund) to go through; you simply use any low cost online broker. Nor do you need a lot of money. If all you can afford to invest is $100, that is OK.

All you need is insight, courage and a bit of luck aka the standard rules of investing.

In this post we look at 5 strikes for $OSTK and 6 strikes against $OSTK.

5 strikes for $OSTK

  • Patrick Byrne is rich, smart, deeply knowledgeable and passionate. What else do you need in an entrepreneur?
  • OSTK is a Public Company that can eat its own dog food. Byrne has establishment clout and credentials as CEO of a public company.
  • They have assembled all the right pieces in their T Zero platform.
  • Wall Street is a classic huge broken market. If Byrne pulls it off, the upside is massive.
  • The pandemic is accelerating the pace of digital disruption. This is the time for big wild swings of change.

6 strikes against $OSTK

  • Patrick Byrne is eccentric and fights the establishment. He is notorious for fire-breathing passionate (and well reasoned/articulated) rants against the Wall Street establishment.
  • Being too early is indistinguishable from being wrong. We have been writing hopefully about Zero for many years – for example see this from January 2017. For public market investors that is a long, long time to be patient.
  • The incumbents will fight hard against disruption to their cash cows and have the power to fight hard. Wall Street power should never be underestimated.
  • Too many moving parts. T Zero is a complex 12 cylinder racing engine and is part of Medici which has other cool Blockchain ventures which is part of a small low end e-commerce venture battling Amazon and Walmart.

6 is more than 5 but OSTK could still be a big winner. Even if Security Tokens are in a coma, they may recover and then OSTK could be a great bet.

What do you think? Will $OSTK win against the Wall Street establishment? Would you bet on David or Goliath in this story?

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