Introducing Alan Scott as the Daily Fintech Stablecoin News Curator


During January we started a new format to curate the most important news in big waves of change in Fintech. The logic was explained in this announcement.

We started this new format in Security Tokens, because we believe that this is a big wave of change. So we worked hard to find an expert to guide us on what is happening in Security Tokens and we found that expert in Sheldon Freedman.

Another big wave of change iin Fintech is Stablecoins. So I am delighted to announce that, starting tomorrow,  Alan Scott will be your Stablecoin News Curator

We believe in constraints because sipping from a firehose is a time suck for the busy senior leaders who rely on Daily Fintech to deliver just enough information to get on with their job.  So once a week your News Curator will choose the 3 most important Stablecoin news stories. This requires judgement and that only comes with deep experience in the market, which is why we are so happy to announce that  Alan Scott will be your the Daily Fintech Stablecoin News Curator

We chose news about Stablecoin because we believe that this is a tsunami sized wave of change where there is a big demand for quality information. It is also a complex subject and so we worked hard to find the best expert, wherever they are in the world (location is never an obstacle for us,  because we have been running a decentralized remote working operation since we started in 2014) and we found that expert in Alan Scott. Alan and I first started working together over 12 years ago and I have enjoyed talking to him about all subjects related to cryptocurrency and FX, particularly Stablecoins. Alan is that rare combination, both deeply knowledgeable and an outside the box thinker. He is a serial entrepreneur and senior executive who has “walked a mile in your shoes”.

Seeing the news that matters each week will help busy senior leaders to position well for the Stablecoin tsunami of change. 

Last week I interviewed Alan to get his views about Stablecoin. So I was delighted when Alan agreed to be our Stablecoin News Curator.

Please welcome Alan Scott. He will be your guide to the Stablecoin tsunami of change. Please tune in each Tuesday to learn what matters in the Stablecoin market. For more about Alan from his LinkedIn profile:

“Technology builder and seller with senior leadership roles developing electronic FX (eFX) systems since 2003. Involved in all areas from Leadership, Sales, Systems Design, Development and Implementation of leading systems at my own company called Velsys (33% Deutsche Bank owned), and then latterly at 360T and Integral.

Currently MD EMEA at 24 Exchange. 24 Exchange 24 Exchange is an electronic communication network (ECN) for over-the-counter (OTC) products. The unique model created by 24 Exchange where Standard Chartered Bank operates as a central dealer addresses major challenges in the NDF markets. These include fragmented liquidity due to jurisdiction, high transaction cost, information segregation and inefficient collateral management.

Standard Chartered Bank acts as a liquidity provider, liquidity taker, prime broker as well as Central Dealer. Standard Chartered Bank is a strategic investor in 24Exchange.

Prior was CEO/Founder SmartMoney. SmartMoney was a start-up focused on bridging the divide between Crypto and FX. Its mission is to build a unified system that is truly fair to both counterparties in a trade and not biased to one side or the other.

Member of the ACI Committee For Professional Conduct (CFP), responsible for the model code and adherence to the Global Code amongst other things and the FX Committee since 2014, in addition, Chair of the Crypto Working Group subcommittee under the CFP.

As the CEO of Velsys, led the development of a new cloud or SaaS based eFX solution called V-FX. Velsys developed from an Australian based company to a global technology specialist with employees in Singapore, London and New York.

At 360T a leadership role providing technical and business analysis input in to the on-going design and development of Product, System and Liquidity Management.

In summary;

Product roadmap and Architecture for complete front to back FX eCommerce system, covering key business functionality such as:

o Risk and Position Management with Auto Hedging,

o Internalisation and Aggregation,

o Integration with Credit and Back Office systems including Post Trade, STP,

o Pricing including skewing and spreading,

o Web GUI design, look and feel,

o FIX and proprietary connectivity.

Connectivity and integration experience with all of the major FX platforms (360T, FXall, Bloomberg, Reuters, Currenex, Integral).

Liquidity Management and knowledge of the systems used by the major market makers or Liquidity Provision banks (Deutsche, RBS, UBS, Citi, JPM, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered and HSBC).”


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