This Week in Fintech ending 10 April 2020

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Your Editor is Bernard Lunn. He is also the CEO of Daily Fintech.

Monday Ilias Hatzis @iliashatzis our Greece-based crypto entrepreneur (Founder & CEO at Mercato Blockchain Corporation AG and Weekly Columnist at Daily Fintech) wrote Could Bitcoin on DeFi displace banks? Yes.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is building a new financial system. The DeFi movement is picking up steam. DeFi has been successful in remittances, loans, stable coins, and other core elements of the fiat world. With a little over a year under its belt, DeFi hit a major milestone a couple of months ago, with more than $1 billion in value locked in the DeFi markets. Bitcoin (BTC) dominates the cryptocurrency market, its 8x bigger than the Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency by market cap, but Bitcoin doesn’t have Ethereum’s sophisticated on-chain lending, derivatives, trading capabilities . While there are already several centralized BTC lending platforms like BlockFi/Nexo/Celsius. Bitcoin DeFi has been a dream for Bitcoiners. Maybe the dream is over and new tBTC project will bring Bitcoin to the DeFi world. Maybe it will do a lot more than that!

Editor note: Hoarding is a huge obstacle to Bitcoin becoming a currency. Lending one’s stash is a good way to get it circulating. 


Tuesday Efi Pylarinou @efipm our Swiss-based Fintech Adviser,  founder of Efi Pylarinou Advisory and a Fintech/Blockchain influencer – No.3 influencer in the finance sector by Refinitiv Global Social Media 2019 wrote Breaking Banks, Silos, or Networks: which is harder?

In innovation, we frequently talk about `Breaking Silos`, one of my favorite cross-disciplinary topics. This past weekend (unusually warm and sunny creating the temptation to be outside) I was ironing as there is no cleaning lady anymore and listening to Episode 19 of `Breaking Banks Europe`. This one was hosted by Matteo Rizzi and Spiros Margaris and with an Ecosystem Zoom into Luxembourg. And who better to discuss this with, than Nasir Zubairi, the CEO of The LHoFT

Editor note: Efi describes how technology that got to network effects has to be accommodated long past it’s sell by date.


Wednesday Jessica Ellerm @jessicaellerm, our Australia-based Fintech entrepreneur and thought leader specializing in Small Business and the Gig Economy & CEO/Co-Founder of Zuper, a new superannuation startup in Australia wrote Fintech Lenders Incentivised To Help SMEs Navigate Stimulus Packages

As governments unleash rapid amounts of COVID-19 stimulus money for SMEs, one thing seems to be consistent between business owners across the world; utter confusion. With policy changing rapidly, small businesses owners are finding it difficult to assess their eligibility for government assistance, not to mention private sector help. All this is framed against a backdrop of shifting lockdown laws and restrictions, and employees working from home. Not a fun time at all.

Editor note: Jessica’s focus, small business, is in the eye of the storm from global lockdown. In this post she focusses on how Fintech Lenders think about small business credit risk.


Thursday Patrick Kelahan @insuranceeleph1, our US based Insurtech expert (a CX, engineering & insurance professional, working with Insurers, Attorneys & Owners who also serves the insurance and Fintech world as the ‘Insurance Elephant’) wrote Whose perspective is it? Insurance remains not what it seems at first view

It’s beginning to wear on the insurance industry.  COVID-19?  Kind of.  Moreover it’s the unexpected ripple effects of the outbreak on how lives are led, how insurance intersects life, how perspectives color how insurance news is celebrated or questioned.  We’ve discussed much of COVID-19’s current effects on business and how the future of insurance will need to adapt.  Let’s take this week to see insurance happenings through different lenses, or from a reverse of the Insurance Elephant- from differing perspectives as per sight-impaired gents in the image.

Editor note: Insurance is in the eye of the COVID-19 storm. In this post, Pat looks at the second order impact on Insurance. It is a must read for any senior exec in Insurance. 


Friday  Sheldon Freedman, Fintech lawyer at Hassans International Law Firm

wrote: Security Token news for Week ending 10 April 2020

This week, our Editor is giving Sheldon Freedman a break so that he can celebrate Passover.

Editor note: This weekly snapshot is the news that matters for busy senior people in the Security Token market.


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