What do you want a post #Coronavirus world to look like?

Shiva Coronavirus.001We are learning what words like disruption, creative destruction and viral really mean. They are not just words on a pitch-deck any more. 

The Greatest Generation were tested in the Second World War. Baby Boomers (like me) had it easy thanks to their bravery & sacrifice. Now we are being tested (more than other generations because this virus is worst for older people).

This too shall pass.

In our Coronavirus series, we started with a description of the destruction to the financial system – the destructive part of creative destruction

This post envisages what a post #Coronavirus world could look like – if we make it happen. 

If you want data about the spread of the disease or what you can do to avoid getting it or how to boost your immune system (all good subjects), this post is not for you.

Nor is this about politics or public health policy. These matter and we may have strong opinions, but that is not the subject today.

If you simply want to look at cat videos to escape this damn subject, that is cool too.

Future posts in this series will look at tech and media solutions.  The world is awash in amazing tech & media solutions.  The more urgent question is what do we want to do with what is on offer? What is a positive future that we can envisage?

A post Coronavirus world based on 10 core principles will help create a better world:

1. The end of our obsession with growth at all costs. If we only see this as an interruption to business as usual, Coronavirus will be all destruction and no creation.

2. A more sustainable planet. As a Gen Z person put it to me recently, “this stopped us talking about Climate Change”. Pictures from space showing reduction of pollution in China & Italy are inspiring – if we can end our obsession with growth at all costs.

3. Truth matters however uncomfortable it is. We can go online to have every crazy opinion validated, but a virus does not care a damn about our opinion.  An amazing thing is happening – we are searching for people who tell the truth. For example, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is somebody who I believe, but I also think technology will give us new ways to aggregate facts in a way that is not opinion-driven or controlled by institutions that may be controlled by people who do not have our best interests at heart,

4. We are all in this together.  That mantra used to come with moral or spiritual overtones. Coronavirus makes this totally practical. If I have a huge stockpile of hand sanitizer, so that you have none – I will get the virus from you.

5. Use communications tools to communicate not to isolate or brag. Communication can mean singing from balconies or using FaceTime to communicate with distant loved ones or remote yoga or passing true information (or cat videos) around to loved ones. 

6. The power of love needs to replace the love of power. That is an old hippy mantra (aka boomer in their younger idealistic phase). Without that, fear mongering fascists will seize power because the Coronavirus certainly inspires fear that they can exploit.

7. Hyperlocal means loving the one you are with. That can mean in your home or in your neighborhood or your country depending on the current extent of the restrictions. Working from home can either be isolating or a powerful motivation to build strong local relationships depending on how you approach it.

8. Billions of people making a living is more important than a few people making billions. If billions of people cannot make a living they will back revolutionary leaders who will seize power (and use that power for selfish ends rather than helping the people). We need to get rid of our obsession with growth at all costs, but there are still billions of people who need to make a living without destroying the planet

9. We are all the same under our skin. A virus doesn’t care about our skin color, nationality, religion, sex or sexual preference. Neither should we.

10. Human-powered emergent solutions driven by decentralized technology. This is where already today we can see people changing their behaviour when faced with the awful reality of Coronavirus. In the future we see this behaviour going mass scale, powered by  decentralized technology.

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