From Adam Smith to the Glasgow Economic Forum 2020

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What was the most important document published in 1776? Most Americans would probably say “The Declaration of Independence”. But many would argue that Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” had a far bigger and more global impact.

The University Glasgow in Scotland is home to the “Father of Capitalism”. Since Adam Smith published his works that revolutionized the world’s marketplaces, the progress over the last two hundred fifty years has been explosive. Year after year, the world has grown more connected and more prosperous.

Today, the world is far more complex because of globalization, climate change, population growth and movement, and we need new approaches to problems.

True to his spirit, for the fifth year in a row, students from the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow, are organizing the Glasgow Economic Forum (GEF). This is a student-led conference that brings together academics and professionals to share and exchange ideas that can stimulate discussion on how we can approach these complex problems.

The two-day event will be led by world-class speakers from Oxford, Cambridge, OECD, the European Commission, Heidelberg University, and the Scottish Government among others. Professor Sarah Smith from the University of Bristol will deliver a keynote speech on the role of women and minorities in the economics and the ways the #DiscoverEconomics initiative can help to boost diversity in this subject area. The second keynote speaker is Professor Doyne Farmer, from the University of Oxford and Santa Fe Institute, and he will talk about Modelling the Economy as a Complex System.

During the event there will be a fintech workshop, organized by Garreth Stubbs from the University of Glasgow Fintech Society. This event is supported by the Bank of England and the Young Scholars Initiative.

Here are all the details about the event:

Date: Saturday 7 – Sunday 8 March 2020
Time: 9:00am
Venue: Lecture Theatre 201, Charles Wilson Building, 1 University Avenue
Audience: Event is open to all
Admission: Early bird – day pass £13.66, weekend pass £18.76


Louis Hatzis is the founder and CEO of Mercato Blockchain AG. The idea for this post was prompted by one of the investors in his company, whose son is a student at the University Glasgow and one of the organizers of the Glasgow Economic Forum (GEF).

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