Introducing Sheldon Freedman as our Security Token News Curator


A few weeks ago we started a new format. The logic was explained in this announcement.

We believe in constraints because sipping from a firehose is a time suck for the busy senior leaders who rely on DailyFintech to deliver just enough information to get on with their job. 

So once a week we choose the 3 most important Security Token news stories. This requires judgement and that only comes with deep experience in the market. So we were delighted when Sheldon Freedman, one of the leading experts on the Security Token market, agreed to be our regular weekly news curator on the Security Token market. 

We chose Security Token news because we believe that this is a tsunami sized wave of change. After some false starts in 2018 and 2019, we believe that real change is happening in 2020.

“Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.” The flip side of this is that disruptive change is also bigger than expected when it does arrive – think of the Internet. 

Seeing the news that matters each week will help busy senior leaders to position well for this tsunami of change. 

Sheldon Freedman a Fintech lawyer at Hassans international law firm, is one of the leading experts on the Security Token market. Security Tokens is a big, complex subject that requires legal, technical and commercial knowledge and we found that rare combination in Sheldon Freedman.

For the last two weeks I interviewed Sheldon and he picked our 3 Security Token news stories. So I was delighted when Sheldon agreed to be our Security Token News Curator

Please welcome Sheldon Freedman. He will be your guide to the Security Token tsunami of change. Please tune in each Friday to learn what matters in the Security Token market.

You get 3 free articles on Daily Fintech. After that you will need to become a member for just US$143 a year (= $0.39 per day) and get all our fresh content and our archives and participate in our forum.

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