No Elephant is an island- resources maketh the beast

Cheers Patrick Kelahan

No one can know all in an industry, and surely that thought applies to insurance and InsurTech.  The Insurance Elephant knows the business is comprised of many parts that in aggregate lead to the insurance customer.  It’s the end of 2019 and as such seems an apt time to list and appreciate the many persons who are resources for me, and surely can be resources for all.  Please do review the list, gain an understanding of the unique contributions each in the list brings.


Patrick Kelahan is a CX, engineering & insurance professional, working with Insurers, Attorneys & Owners. He also serves the insurance and Fintech world as the ‘Insurance Elephant’.


Here are my 2019 InsurTech/Industry respected resources, in no particular order, and certainly not an exclusive list:

  1. Kate Stilwell– CEO and founder, Jumpstart Insurance, earthquake parametric cover, advocate for disaster preparation and resilience.
  2. Kobi Bendelak, CEO- InsurTech Israel. Big brother to Israel’s many start-ups, advocate and investor.
  3. Hari Radhakrishnan- insurance broker, consultant and Socrates figure for the Indian insurance industry
  4. Robert Collins– Crossbordr brokers and consultant, Asia InsurTech guru, has forgotten more about insurance than most know. Poser of good points.
  5. Amber Woullet– insurance marketing whiz, hangs out with Penguins, rocks insurance videos.
  6. Mica Cooper– CEO and President, Aisus/InsureCrypt, insurance systems and cyber tilter.
  7. Lakshan De Silva– Partner and CTO at Intellect SEEC, knows the depth and breadth of the SEEC data lake. First to build a restaurant rating algorithm.
  8. Anand R- senior researcher at Lucep, facilitator of conversations and cheerleader for omnichannel customer experience methods.
  9. Hugues Bertin– CEO at Digital Insurance LatAm, knower of all happenings in the growing LatAm InsurTech world. Brings the global perspective to LAtAm.
  10. Grace Park and Cole Sirucek– co-founders, DocDoc Pte , patient intelligence company, advocates for patient knowledge, connecting optimum providers, and spreaders of the word regarding same.  Have innovated from their young daughter’s needs backwards.,
  11. Karl Heinz Passler– wearer of many InsurTech hats, speaks of InsurTech/incumbent collaboration. Also has day jobs as product manager and insurance startup mentor (he knows things).
  12. Nigel Walsh– co-host of the InsurTech Insider podcast (cohost Sarah Kocianski of 11:FS, ) and partner at Deloitte. Knows things. Travels widely but loves all things London.  Is wise to let Sarah lead the podcast convos.
  13. Denise Garth– SVP at Majesco, Strategic Marketer. Prepares articles of depth and breadth on the InsurTech industry, insurance, and what is coming next.
  14. Walid Al Saqqaf– founder at InsureBlocks, knows more than I ever will on practical insurance applications of Blockchain, video selfie guy, biggest smile in the InsurTech space.
  15. Matteo Carbone– founder, IoT Observatory, co-founder Archimede SPAC, 150 trips per year guy, advocate for insurance use of IoT. Challenger of the irrational exuberance of insurance startups.
  16. Hugh Terry– founder of the Digital Insurer, insurance blog that grew into the global virtual meet up that is Livefest. Finger on the pulse of Asia InsurTech
  17. Shefi and Avi Ben Hutta– Coverager,   keeper of the InsurTech companies’ data, hoster of industry get togethers, challengers of marketing pitches, cheerleaders, probers of BS, innovators in their own right.  Sibs, not married (don’t make that mistake!),
  18. Robin Kiera– founder, Digital Scouting, consultant, attention hacker, video blogger of the first degree. Able to interview a dozen influencers in one session.  Wearer of blue shirts.
  19. Lutz Kiesewetter– PR and vendor relations, Deutsche Familienvesicherung (DFV_AG), unabashed marketer of the firm’s path through InsurTech, IPO, and digital customer experience. Speaks of a model other firms should imitate.
  20. Nick Lamparelli– CUO of rethought Insurance, knows a thing or two on underwriting and reinsurance, listens to my babble on parametric, part of the foundation of the Insurance Nerds, podcaster extraordinaire.
  21. Juliette Murphy– CEO and co-founder, FloodMapp, advocate for resilience, flood awareness and tech, social do-gooder, engineer from Down Under who pivoted to being an engineer who is trying to build understanding of flood risks.
  22. Assaf Wand– CEO and co-founder, Hippo Insurance, building an insurance org (great staff) that is customer proactive, holistic approach to insurance service, also a lover of large gray animals.
  23. Rahul Mathur– consulting analyst at Accenture, tireless info tracker, keeper of startup data, preparer of longitudinal reports, stats guy. Eager sharer of what he knows (which is a lot), eager listener to tenured industry folks.
  24. Daniel Schreiber– CEO and co-founder, Lemonade Insurance, thick-skinned point man for the firm, adherent to the principle of Ulysses contracts. Neophyte (not so much now) in the insurance world but unafraid to learn.  Discusser of AI innovation for customer benefit.  Defender of the Magenta.
  25. Christopher Frankland– InsurTech Partnerships at ReSource Pro, InsurTech everyman (who doesn’t know him?) Founder at InsurTech Heartland, industry expert at ‘getting it’.
  26. Frank Genheimer– consultant with New Insurance Business, actuary (what!?!?), owner of the best hair part in InsurTech, podcast host (field settings with Influencers- cool!)
  27. Ekrete Ola Gam -IKON– (this is his acronym- I don’t know his proper name ?? )- @olagamola in your Twitter feed, Nigerian economist/insurance guy, cheerleader for regular folks having insurance, for regulators and legislators to do their jobs, for the industry.
  28. Tony Canas– (can’t get that ~ to place over the ‘n’)- client advisor with the Jacobsen Group, Insurance Nerds Super Man, dynamo, all the alphabet items after his name. Supporter of all, never a discouraging word.
  29. Sridhar Subbaraman– Managing Director, Oasis Insurance Group, greenfield builder of an InsurTech Hub, United Arab Emirates, builder of insurance business model consensus.
  30. Pat West– Managing Partner, Hedge Quote, agency/agents’ thought leader, see-er of the need for a change in the insurance sales paradigm. Frank speaker, veteran of the big carrier sales machine.
  31. Adrian Jones– Deputy CEO, SCOR P&C Partners, really smart business strategist and understander of the arcane but interesting financial make-up of insurance companies.  And now a happy NYC dweller.
  32. Thomas Verduzco-Weisel- Claims Automation/Insurance Engagement, Shift Technologies, orchestrator of the Engagement Network, advocate for e-games, knower of things. One of my first InsurTech connections.  Father of kids.

There are so many more who I respect and follow, learn from every day.  You know who you are.

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