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Daily Fintech unveils its Deans List of influential industry leaders to guide editorial direction


Daily Fintech, the analysis driven online publication, is announcing a team of global fintech leaders who will serve as on-going advisors on our editorial direction. The team is called the Deans List to reflect Daily Fintech’s focus on producing high-quality, insightful and independent fintech analysis that one associates with higher learning.

The initial list of five Deans results from Daily Fintech’s thorough vetting process that takes into account their professional achievements and track record related to the transformation of financial services through technology. The five Deans today are (in alphabetical order by family name):

The announcement of the Deans List comes soon after Daily Fintech implemented its paid membership service on 17 September, 2019. The move to a paid model came after five years of the company providing its original daily fintech insights for free.    

Announcing the unveiling of the Deans list, Daily Fintech CEO Bernard Lunn said, “We are very privileged to have these industry leaders join us as Deans and to help Daily Fintech decide on major new shifts in our content, so we can continue to deliver the kind of strategic fintech insights our members want. These accomplished fintech industry leaders come from all over the world and so will have the dual role of being both the voice of and a guide for the global fintech community on the most important issues impacting this increasingly borderless industry.”

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