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“Welcome to the Daily Fintech membership service with ready access to our original and independent fintech insights, all produced by our multi-industry fintech experts with only our readers in mind.”- Daily Fintech CEO, Bernard Lunn

Daily Fintech has been built on a passion for fintech plus a stubborn insistence on creating original, bias-free insights. 

Subscribing to our paid membership service will give you access to this thriving learning eco-system that we have carefully created for fintech leaders –  entrepreneurs, bankers, senior executives, technologists, investors, media, regulators and consultants. Daily Fintech is the one place where you can come to scale up your fintech know-how: digging deep into our daily insights and archives,

We avoided monetising through traditional online advertising because we believe that “he who pays the piper calls the tune”. If content is monetised through surveillance advertising, you the reader are the product. We want you the reader to be the customer not the product.

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