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Need to ‘voice’ and share your fintech insights with industry peers and experts? Look no further. Sign up to be part of Conversations today.

Daily Fintech Conversations integrates our publishing and forum into a single platform. The purpose of both is to enable conversations that make good things happen.

Most of us understand instinctively how to have good face to face conversations; for example, we learn from an early age how to read body language for greater conversational richness. In the digital realm we need more help. Comments are broken, with far too much spam and low quality promotional content and most forums put you into time machine back to the the dawn of the Internet in the 1990s. So digital conversations moved to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. That led to conversational fracturing,  because we don’t know where the conversation on a subject we care about is taking place. We have to jump between comments here on the blog to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook because the conversation is happening in all those places. For example, if somebody says something insightful and contextually relevant on Twitter, you won’t see this if you are commenting on Facebook.

As of today, to comment on a Daily Fintech article, please first register on our Conversations platform.

The Daily Fintech Conversations platform also enables you to publish your own posts, so you can initiate a new conversation as well as join an existing conversation.

Daily Fintech Conversations is a 24/7 digital event where you can have some great conversations about Fintech. On Daily Fintech Conversations you can be informed by subject, in context,  by your peers, so that you get the answers that will make you more effective at work.

At college, we often learned more from our peers than from professors. That is why Daily Fintech Conversations enables you to learn from both. The articles from our five opinion columnists, the select team of market practitioners who create the original daily insight on Daily Fintech will be available on Conversations, where you can comment as well as initiating your own conversational topics.

We started working on a conversational forum in June 2016 (which we called Fintech Genome at the time). At that time, our publishing and forum platforms were totally separate. Daily Fintech Conversations integrates our publishing and forum into a single platform that will facilitate continuous and seamless discussions on a single Fintech subject.

Daily Fintech Conversations uses peer ratings to “float the good stuff to the top”. You benefit from writing insightful, contextual relevant and useful stuff by getting the respect and attention of your peers (which may lead to profitable business). If you just want to consume content, that is perfectly OK, we understand that many people want to read and only a few people want to write; you use Conversations  in whatever way suits you best. 

We have included a guide on the forum to having conversations that make good things happen.

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