Six diverse picks of Fintech shovels & Fintech stacks


The transformation of Financial services continues and re-bundling is one of the trends that is at work. Fintechs are collaborating and creating fuller stacks by bundling several services and growing their businesses.

Six picks give you a picture of the diversity of this trend.

Mambu is a leader in the Saas core banking sector. It powers up Oak North bank, which is the No.1 UK challenger bank. It is the heart and brain of the ABN Amro`s digital banking spinoff, New10, that focuses on SME lending. It became the banking cloud platform that powered N26. The leading mobile banking app N26, transitioned to Mambu in 2016. This gave N26 full ownership of customer data and facilitated scalability from about 500,000 customers to now more than 2.3m.

Solaris Bank is a leader in Baas, by offering banking services without owning a banking license. Solaris Bank powers Modifi, which offers international trade finance to SMEs. CrossLend, is an online marketplace for European loans which is powered by Solaris Bank in order to offer instant securitization of loans.

Plaid is a US B2B Fintech that offers a diverse and growing set of tools to connect user accounts. It is enabling Prosper and SoloFunds (lending Fintechs) to quickly onboard new users and connect their bank accounts. It powers up Gusto (renamed from ZenPayroll) that offers a complete cloud-based payroll, benefits and HR management software for US companies.

Fidor Solutions, the German tech company powers Fidor Bank in Germany and the UK. It is also powering the o2 Telefónica Deutschland the mobile banking app of the German telecom provider.

Moven Entperprise is a US based technology company powering Fintechs like TD MySpend and WestPac CashNav – from Canada to New Zealansd. Both are free mobile PFM apps that allow users to track and manage real time their spending.

Habito is a UK online free mortgage provider that powers Starling Bank`s mortgage offering. WealthSimple is the Canadian robo-advisor on the Starling marketplace for investment services and PensionBee for pension services.

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