Last week in Fintech & Crypto

During the week when American politics became even more toxic, Daily Fintech Experts posted fresh insights each & every day.

Monday from @iliashatzis, our Greece -based crypto entrepreneur, described the strange news of President Trump publicly voicing his negative views on Bitcoin. Read here

Tuesday from @efipm, our Swiss-based Fintech Adviser, analysed why incumbents are beating startups in the robo advisory market which she has been tracking since 2015. Read here

Wednesday from @jessicaellerm, our Australia-based Fintech entrepreneur,  described how a major digital challenger bank, Nubank in Brazil, is moving into the small business market. Read here

Thursday @insuranceeleph1, Patrick Kelahan, our US based Insurtech expert, interviews the author of a study of 194 insurtech ventures with the aim of having a solution box to look in when you have identified what problem you want to solve. Read here

Friday from @karunk, a London based Fintech investor, looked at how AI based credit decisions, while smarter than ye olde FICO scores need to make their algos transparent both to consumers and regulators. Read here

Saturday @lunnbernard, CEO of Daily Fintech,  described the technology from satellites to mesh networks that will power Bitcoin even if the Internet is shut down. Read here

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