Last Week on Daily Fintech

During the week when hurricanes headed for America and the awful drought in India got worse, our Experts posted fresh insights about Fintech each & every day.

Monday from @iliashatzis, our Greece -based crypto entrepreneur, celebrated America’s Independence Day by describing how Bitcoin shows that a community of people can create a currency system on their own, just like the Colonials did. Read here.

Tuesday from @efipm, our Swiss-based Fintech Adviser, questions why the variety of  `anything Fintech as a service` is helping BigBank more than SmallBank today. Read here.

Wednesday from @jessicaellerm, our Australia-based Fintech entrepreneur,   continued analysis of the red hot India Small Business Fintech market by looking at TenCent’s investment in NiYo. Read here.

Thursday @insuranceeleph1, Patrick Kelahan, our US based Insurtech expert, curated & analysed the most important news items in Insurtech globally during the last week. Read here.

Friday from @karunk, a London based Fintech investor, describes how in India, the third most active innovation ecosystem in the world after US and China, most Blockchain projects are driven by Government initiatives for financial inclusion. Read here.

Saturday @lunnbernard, CEO of Daily Fintech,  is surprised that the SEC Crypto regulation gets it almost right with the Reg A Blockstack token offering and opines that this may define a new innovation capital market. Read here.

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