Announcing Daily Fintech working with Triumvirate Content Consultants

FINAL-ANGLED High-ResTLDR. Daily Fintech has engaged the services of a firm called Triumvirate Content Consultants (TCC) to to help monetize our content assets through new distribution channels and new markets.

Today’s post is not about Fintech. It is a peek behind the curtain of the business of creating the free original research that you see here every day. It is nearly 5 years since our first post on 29 June 2014 (for the record, here it is). It is still relevant like many of the over 1,000 posts in our archives.

We recently decided to bring on more professionals to help us grow. We started with Paul Conley, because what defines Daily Fintech is the quality of our writing, how we are able to make big complex subjects accessible and interesting to busy senior people. Paul shares that passion. He has made a career out of helping media companies do that well. Here is the post announcing Paul joining us as Content Adviser. Paul introduced us to the folks at Triumvirate Content Consultants (TCC), which goes to show that quality attracts quality. Paul Gerbino and his colleagues at TCC live and breathe the intricacies of content licensing in the same way we live and breathe the intricacies of the reinvention of financial services through technology. The media business is going through wrenching change. Our simple belief is that well-written research will always have value. By working with the experts at TCC we turn that simple belief into new revenue streams so that we can continue to do what we do but better and on a bigger scale.

As Triumvirate Content Consultant’s President Paul Gerbino put it: “We’re passionate about helping companies with unique content tap into new revenue. Daily Fintech is known for its quality content, market insights and expert perspective. There are lots of other organizations whose customers want access to their research. Our job is to make that happen.”

TCC will be representing us to the many firms that have expressed interest in licensing our content. If you are interested in doing so please send an email to Julia Spiegel (our Chief Commercial Officer; her email is julia at dailyfintech dot com).

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