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Eeyore and Tigger debate the great Institutional wall of money into Blockchain meme

“May you live in interesting times” applies to today’s era which is turbulent on every plane –  financial, technical, social, political. If Blockchain is real and can deliver value it has plenty of problems to solve. That much I am sure about. 

Deep in a bear market, capitulation means most people are giving up on Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies. The Tigger optimists often talk about the great Institutional wall of money moving into Blockchain as evidence that the next bull market is coming.

As an entrepreneur I tend to be a Tigger type of optimist. However there are many things I am not sure about and as an entrepreneur I also know that hope is not a strategy and it is valuable to listen the Eeyore type pessimists; dealing with their objections defines your action list. In this post, I outline:

Note: When I say Blockchain I mean Blockchain AND Bitcoin AND other stateless, permissionless Cryptocurrencies. It is very easy for even the most conservative Eeyore types to laud the value of Blockchain without the addition of a stateless, permissionless currency like Bitcoin that is so disruptive. That would be an easy way to embrace and bury disruptive change. Pretty quickly we would move to permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) from an enterprise software company that is totally controlled by Institutions. That would be as disruptive as the latest version release of an ERP system.

What I am sure about

What I think is likely.




What I am not sure about

The mantra of any good investor or any good journalist and of the Experts who write on the Daily Fintech platform is to aim to be a “learn it all, not a know it all”. The more you know, the more it becomes apparent what you don’t know; the search for what is true is never-ending. The best role of an Advisor is often simply asking good questions. Here are my questions about the great Institutional wall of money moving into Blockchain:

From PR announcements you might think both are close, but the devil/god is in the details. We know this from our Advisory Services,where we are known for combining big picture  vision with  pragmatic executionInstitutions won’t commit in volume until the details are resolved.

What I think is that the great Institutional wall of money moving into Blockchain will start with Family Offices. If they allocate 1% of that $2.6 trillion they control it will a) bring $26 billion into the market and b) that will bring the much bigger capital pools from Type 2 into the market

If you work in a big Institution and need some help figuring this out from a learning coach (somebody who knows Blockchain from all angles and is good at explaining it), check out our Book An Expert For An Hour service.

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