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UK set to land a Funding Circle sized Unicorn

Back in October 2015, Bernard covered what was then a fledgling UK fintech startup in a promising space – Funding Circle. He spotted the company’s potential, and noted it could also be the future ‘unicorn’ the UK needed to back up its ambition to be the centre of the fintech universe.

“So it looks like Funding Circle could be one of those big winners that London needs in order to earn its coveted Fintech Capital of the World status. Lots of exciting new ventures is not enough. London needs a couple that scale to be global winners” 

He also speculated on Funding Circle’s IPO. An IPO that has just been announced in the past few days.

The question for Funding Circle is, when they get to that stage, do they IPO in America or the UK? In the days when Israeli ventures pioneered the “American flip” (switch to look like an American company) there was no choice – you did your IPO in America.

Luckily for Bernard and his fellow UK fintech followers, Funding Circle looks set to make good on its UK origins, indicating it intends to float on the London Stock Exchange, in a formal announcement, prior to the release of the prospectus.

The company is reported to be aiming for a valuation north of £2 billion.

So what’s to like?

And what’s the risk?

Either way you slice Funding Circle, there is no question what they have achieved to date is phenomenal. We will be watching this one with significant interest going forward!

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