Interview with CEO of Daily Fintech Bernard Lunn

Bernard Lunn Headshot

This week I had the honor to interview with Mr. Bernard Lunn, CEO of Daily Fintech.

In today’s interview, you can know about his past experience, the pursuit of Daily Fintech community, his insights into Blockchain and his thoughts on being an advisor.


Here are some highlights of the interview

0:36 Bernard shares a short version of his career – from his experience in Misys to the start of being an advisor.

3:28 Bernard tells us why he started Daily Fintech and how it became a global business.

7:20 Bernard believes blockchain is totally changing the game. He also describes the three phases of financial world and why blockchain is the critical phase III

9:52 Bernard shares his definition of advisor.

Zarc Gin is an analyst for Warp Speed Fintech, a Fintech, especially InsurTech-focused Venture Capital based in China.

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