Interview with one of our constellation of experts Zarc Gin – why China is the Insurtech destination

It was great to chat with Zarc Gin, one of my co-authors at Daily Fintech. A few key points from the interview.

Zarc Gin is from Warp Speed Fintech, an InsurTech service provider in China. There are two primary businesses, one is a platform service and the other is a blockchain project. The platform services include InsurView, an information platform for InsurTech community, and Footprint, an enabling platform for insurance agent.

The blockchain project is called InsurChain, and it is designed to be a next-generation ecosystem for global insurance industry. The goal is to make the design of policy and underwriting inclusive through InsurChain.

Zarc is based in Hangzhou, China and he has been reporting InsurTech news since 2016, and right now he is covering world-wide Fintech news.

His views of Insurance/Insurtech opportunities in China point to the fact that, another leap frog moment is just around the corner. One teaser stat is that insurance density (Premium/Population) in China is $407, it’s 3500 and 4000 in Japan and United States. So clearly a big opportunity.

It was fascinating to hear him say that DailyFintech was his first window to the Fintech world. He believes that the world hasn’t heard enough of China innovation trends, and he feels its his role to bring those insights to our readers.

He feels there is still a long way for the Chinese giants to tap into their 900 Million user base for Insurance products.

He is keen to bring insider views of Blockchain, Insurtech and other key trends from China.

It was great talking to Zarc and I certainly heard some key trends and facts about China in just 25 minutes.

Arunkumar Krishnakumar is a Fintech thought leader and an investor.

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