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Where do you go to get Insurance and Insurtech information?


A question I get asked a lot is, ‘what are the best resources one could follow to keep abreast of all the Insurtech updates happening around the world?’.  

There are an abundance of newsletters, sites and items being shared on social media daily.  Sometimes it can be daunting to know which ones to click on. As we all have day jobs, ensuring we spend time wisely in the content we choose to ingest is of the utmost importance. 

As such, I’d like to provide the resources that I use to monitor what’s happening in the Insurance and Insurtech space on a daily basis.  Hopefully this can help you as you continue to follow the space.

Further, this past week and a half, there were a number of interesting reports, an article and a video, that I’ve curated for you.


This first one may sound quite simple.  When I started monitoring the space, the first thing I did was set up Google Alerts for ‘Insurtech’, ‘Insurance’ and ‘Amazon Insurance’. (These 3 give me a plethora of articles to go through each day.  I look for headlines that are appealing to me and have a quick read or save them for a day when I have the time to read them).  

Secondly, there are a number of daily/weekly newsletters out there.  Matthew Grant, Executive Director at Abernite and Partner of InsTech London put together a great article outlining his top 10 Insurtech newsletters.  

I subscribe to most of the newsletters on the list and I encourage you to as well (Coverager, CB Insights, ITL, Insurtechnews, Digital Insurance and The Digital Insurer are at the top for me from his list).

In addition to the list above, two other U.S. based ones I truly enjoy are Insurance Nerds and Agency Nation.  Both of these resources offer regularly published articles and a podcast.  Ryan Hanley, CMO of Agency Nation also has a brilliantly entertaining VLOG – The Show.  

For Asia, I love the content from Asia Insurance Review.

If you prefer podcasts, two of the ones I enjoy (which I have also been featured on) are Abel Travis’ Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast and Spot On Insurance.  Both have had a wide array of guests and varying topics to keep listeners entertained.  

I realize that this is a lot of information to digest.  Try all of these out and see which ones resonate for you the most.

Are there any major ones I’m missing?  Please share with me, I’m always looking for good, new resources!

6 Insurtech and Insurance items from this week that you should read and watch

Below are 6 Insurtech items that I have curated for you:

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Stephen Goldstein is an experienced Insurance executive and Insurtech dealmaker with a core focus on growing revenue, launching go to market initiatives and advising industry leaders.

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