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Today we interrupt our usual flow. Instead of Efi Pylarinou posting about what is happening in the market, I share an interview with her that lets you know more about her work when she is not writing for Daily Fintech.

Efi Pylarinou is a seasoned Wall Street professional who has grown into a global Fintech thought leader.  Efi knows how  Wall Street really works and her Fintech articles are eagerly awaited by her large following. Efi is an advisor to Fintech and Blockchain ventures, speaks internationally at global events, holds a doctorate in Finance and is the author of Wiley Fixed income books with Frank Fabozzi and is included in the upcoming WealthTech book by Wiley.

0.50 Background. Efi describes her 10 years working on Wall Street in structured products and emerging markets. Her perspective includes experience at big investment banks, Hedge Funds

and a University. Efi describes the focus of her work as an Advisor which is building partnerships for growth stage Fintech ventures of three types:

  1. Fintech to Fintech partnerships
  2. Fintech to Incumbent partnerships
  3. Fintech to pure Tech partnerships

3.35. Efi describes the areas of Fintech that she finds most interesting at the moment:

  1. Fintechs at Series A and beyond that want growth through partnerships (as described earlier)
  2. Parallel Blockchain ventures – when an established firm creates a spin off that is in the same domain as the core business but with a 100% focus on Blockchain.

0.90 Efi gives her take on the Robo Advisor market. Staying with the partnership theme, Efi highlights the problematical speed differences between a Fintech and an incumbent. She points out that many announcements, while getting a lot of press coverage, don’t go live for 12 months (which is an eon for a Fintech venture).

10.57 Efi gives her take on the Impact  of Blockchain on Wealthtech and Wall Street. She points out that it is definitely creating a new asset class and faster than most had anticipated. On the other hand she points out how a focus on short term profit through what looks like a replay of financial engineering on Wall Street is missing the bigger picture that should include decentralisation, financial inclusion and the democratisation of markets. Efi wants to work with companies that are genuinely making that happen.

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