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101 Introduction to some key words you will need to understand in order to read this book

The Learning Cycle for Disruptive Innovation.002

This is an Introduction to The Blockchain Economy book. This serialised book is a practical guidebook for investors, entrepreneurs and employees who want to learn how to prosper during the transition to an economy where value exchange is permissionless and disintermediated. For the index please go here.

The learning cycle for disruptive innovation goes through 4 phases:




Terminology Glossary (conceptual flow)

This is a conceptual flow designed to be read sequentially (not in alphabetical order). Words/Phrases used in this Glossary are identified using Italic.
























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Bernard Lunn is the CEO of Daily Fintech and author of The Blockchain Economy. He provides advisory services to companies involved with Fintech (reach out to julia at daily fintech dot com to discuss his services).

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