Welcome Zarc Gin as our new Author reporting on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency developments within China


China is a critical superpower market  for Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto (said Captain Obvious), but the reporting/analysis outside China is weak because few reporters/analysts can read source materials in Chinese or have any first hand knowledge of living and working in China.

From today, Zarc Gin, an analyst for Warp Speed Capital, a Fintech/InsurTech focused Venture Capital firm based in China will be posting each Saturday to give us perspective on Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto within China.

Zarc will bring us the perspective on platforms originating from  China (for example, see today’s post on NEO), the regulation storm from Chinese government agencies, the role of Exchanges and Mining in China and how Blockchain can transform many markets within China.

Zarc continues our global focus. Our 22,000 subscribers come from 172 countries and our 7 Authors live in Switzerland, UK, Greece, Australia, USA, India and now China. Bits don’t stop at borders but Fintech has to show its passport and that is why we want the local as well as the global view. Fintech is developing differently in different countries and we want the local nuance as well the global trends. Zarc helps fill a gaping hole in our coverage on China.

We first came across Zarc for his expertise on Insurtech in China, then we interviewed him about Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto trends within China and last week he gave us a guest post specific to the regulatory action. These interactions impressed us and we asked Zarc to write a regular weekly post. I am delighted to report that he has accepted.

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