Insurtech Malaysia: Volume 2, The Start-Up Edition


Thank you all for the feedback on last week’s video, I truly appreciate it!  It has me thinking a lot about future segments that I produce.

Part 2 will follow the same format as last week.  In this video, I interviewed two product aggregator start-ups: Jirnexu and Fatberry.

Jirnexu is currently in the BNM Regulatory Sandbox.  During the discussion with Lucas, we discussed:

  • The process of applying to and the great support Jirnexu gets from the regulator by being in the sandbox.
  • The customer-focused vision of the regulatory sandbox and using technology to help with communication, education and purchasing of Insurance.
  • Tips for start-ups in collaborating with carriers and regulators.

This was a great interview.  It is a bit long (minutes 2:36-15:37), but it’s worth the full listen.

Fatberry is focused on the General Insurance space.  In the interview with Priscilla and Martin (minutes 15:59-20:59), we discussed:

  • Fatberry’s business model and USPs.
  • Focusing on the customer’s needs and pain points when building a solution.

Thank you Lucas, Priscilla and Martin for your time and insights.

I learned a lot from these videos and enjoyed doing them.

I did however, miss writing over the past couple of weeks and am looking forward to getting back to it next week.  🙂

Stephen Goldstein is an experienced Insurance executive and Insurtech dealmaker with a core focus on growing revenue, launching go to market initiatives and advising industry leaders.

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