Insurtech Malaysia: Volume 1


Malaysia will always hold a special place in my heart.

When I decided to do my first VLOG and knowing that I had an upcoming trip to Malaysia, doing a feature on the market there seemed like a perfect match.

In Part 1, I met with Eric Chang, CMO of AIA Malaysia and Sammeer Sharma, Executive Director and Head of Bancassurance of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia.

In Part 2, which I will post next week, I met with founders from start-ups Jirnexu and Fatberry.


I personally learned a lot from this experience, namely, that getting in front of a camera is a lot more difficult than writing!

A big thank you to Eric, Sammeer, Lucas, Priscilla and Martin for your support and agreeing to be my first interviewees!

And special thanks to my best friend Russ, for guidance along the way.

I am looking forward to receiving your comments as I look to expand my content into video in addition to my writing.

Stephen Goldstein is an experienced Insurance executive and Insurtech dealmaker with a core focus on growing revenue, launching go to market initiatives and advising industry leaders.

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