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Fintech is the new oil – interview with Next Money’s Aaron Oliver on the MENA opportunity

This week I’m coming to you from the third edition of Next Money Fintech Finals. The two days in Hong Kong have seen a flurry of fintech activity, with speakers flying in from all over the world to network, cut deals and learn what’s new in the APAC region.

One of the event highlights is the series of talks on what’s happening in geographical regions within APAC or adjacent. Today I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Aaron Oliver, who spearheads the Next Money community in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. While coming a little late to the fintech party, there is no doubt the countries in the MENA region are getting serious about investing and developing fintech. And there are no shortage of opportunities in this market, which still has a heavy reliance on cash.

I’d encourage you to listen to the interview to learn more, however here are a few key stats worth mulling over:

Click here to listen to my interview with Aaron.

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