ParkGene ICO


ParkGene is closing it’s Pre Sale ICO today. The CEO (Ilias Louis Hatzis) writes a weekly post on Daily Fintech (the Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto Weekly CXO Briefing that comes out each Monday; see later today). I have a high regard for Ilias, so count me biased on this one.

I am no expert in parking, but I have done enough to understand the pain point. I also know that I would be quite happy loaning out my parking space for cash. I can also see that this is a good use for a Utility Token – you basically prepay for your parking.

Although I don’t know much more than the average Joe about parking, my years as an entrepreneur and advisor helps me to recognise  a smart, driven entrepreneur when I meet one. Ilias Louis Hatzis scores that front.

Daily Fintech is written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – so please wish Ilias good fortune on his journey.

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